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“miggo-Cameras’s best amigo” is a new Kickstarter campaign created by ex-Kata bag executives,Yuval, Guy and Ohad who are a very good friends of mine!
The idea of making a “protective camera strap” and a “protective camera hand grip” that will release you from caring an extra bag is a brilliant one and suited for the occasional DSLR/mirrorless shooter/photographer.
After completing the general concept of the video, Guy called me to help refine/direct/shoot and edit the product video. I immediately agreed and after using at if for the first time, I was sold. Its simplicity and effectiveness are simply great!

miggo-6737For filming I chose working with my Canon 1DC as it is a camera that fits perfectly for such a project from the following reasons:
-High quality still photos can always be extract from the video if needed
-Ability to crop 4K footage with no quality lose and compensate for the very short shooting time we had forcing me at times to use 1 lens at certain shots.

As a tight budget project everything had to be planned ahead in an accurate way as possible and although the weather was not always on our side things went pretty smoothly. 

Later in editing, when it came to choose a voiceover talent,  I’ve used the amazing service and after auditioning few good candidates I chose RJ Woessner for the job.

The second voiceover part (personal appeal) was done by one of the miggo team and was recorded with Rode NTG 2 in combination with Tascam DR-60D. Audio recording tip: If you are in the field and need an isolated recording environment, try using a car. It’s the best free solution you can have!…

Lenses used for this project:
Canon 24-105mm f/4
Canon 70-200mm f/4
Samyang 35mm T1.5

Other equipment used for this project:
Lexar 128GB UDMA7
Komputerbay 128GB UDMA7 (never again)!!!
Glidetrack 0.5m slider 
Sachtler FSB8 tripod
L.C.W fader ND mark II
F&V K4000 daylight 

Atomos Ninja 2 recorder
Shape Canon 1DC cage, Shape quick handle, Shape mini shoulder pad

Edited on an
Editing software: Adobe Premiere CC
Colour corrected with film convert

Additional filming in China done by Ohad with Sony’s NEX 5r
Photos: Yoram Ashim
Special effects: Arik Nahum

You can find more info in the official press release: 

One year after Manfrotto began drastically cutting back operations of the Manfrotto Bags division (formerly KATA Bags) in Israel, three former senior employees – the CEO, Head of Marketing, and senior product designer & Digital Manager – have announced the establishment of “miggo” – a new company which will focus on developing inventive new solutions for carrying & protecting cameras and other digital media devices.

As of January 30th 2014, “miggo” will be offering its new products for pre-sale on the crowd-funding site Kickstarter. This is the place and the opportunity to get your hands on these great new products, and help to kickstart a brand new idea in the field of photography!


miggo” will be unveiling two new unique patented products:

miggo Strap & Wrap is an extremely comfortable strap which morphs into a padded protector by wrapping it around the camera. miggo prevents the camera from being scratched or damaged while inside your everyday personal bag, and keeps it snug and protected without having to carry an additional bulky camera bag.


Strap & Wrap comes in an assortment of trendy colors and textures, in two sizes: for compact to medium size DSLRs and for Mirrorless (CSC) cameras.

Strap_And_Wrap_Mirroless    Strap_And_Wrap_DSLR

miggo Grip & Wrap is a grip that lets you carry your camera safely without worrying about dropping. It morphs into a padded protector by wrapping it around the camera for easy carrying in your personal bag.


 Grip & Wrap comes in an assortment of trendy colors and textures, in two sizes: for compact to medium size DSLRs and for Mirrorless (CSC) cameras.

Grip_And_Wrap_DSLR     Grip_And_Wrap_Mirorless

To the Kickstarter campaign, please click here
For more information lease visit
For any question please contact: [email protected]

Most important!, A big thank you to my camera assistant, Danielle Behiri and the amazing miggo team!!!


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