NAB 2011 -Yet another affordable highspeed camera we can’t afford

April 14th, 2011 Jump to Comment Section

By: Sebastian Wöber

I reported about the Megaspeed (wow I love that name) camera yesterday. But look: here’s another portable highspeed camera. The TS3Cine costs twice as much as the Megaspeed, that’s $30k. That’s not really my priceclass, but it still might be a bargain in rental since you don’t need a technician to operate it unlike it’s aunt the phantom.
If you’re into good design and marketing I’m sure this camera seems more appealing to you than the Megaspeed, but we’ll really have to wait and see what both of them have under the hood and whether this one is worth the additional 14k.

I found this very nice demo they put together and I noticed they also had some people that waved hdslrs around. I think I’m their target audience, drool…

I must say, if I had the funds I’d probably be sold just for the editing and choice of music they did on this one. Great job to whoever did that. If you care about the music, that was: The XX

Some of the specs on the cam itself:
– 1280 x 1024 pixel maximum
– 500 fps at 1280 x 1024, 720 fps at 720p resolution
– optional frame rates up to 20,000 at reduced resolutions
– C-Mount or F-Mount (Nikon), optional PL mount

I think I overheard him saying it’s a 1 inch sensor, but I’m not sure. Comes out late summer.

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