pCloud 4th of July Specials with Massive Discounts

pCloud 4th of July Specials with Massive Discounts

pCloud is offering 4th of July Specials, with price reductions of up to 80% on lifetime plans (the offer lasts until July 6th). The cloud storage provider is offering plans of 500GB to 10TB with GDPR compliance and great features. Let’s have a closer look!

He have reviewed pCloud before. Very favorably I might add. The Swiss cloud storage provider offers top of the line features, competitive pricing in monthly and lifetime plans, and compelling security features. Also, MZed Pro members get 30GB of pCloud storage – lifetime!! – for free, here’s how that works.

If you’d like a detailed account of the application’s user experience, please refer to our review, otherwise let’s remind ourselves of the main features, that are also part of the pCloud 4th of July Special:

  • Automatic incremental backups (like Backblaze)
  • Folder sync (like Dropbox) or mounted drive
  • File recovery up to a year back
  • Folder sharing, file requests, public link sharing
  • Unlimited up- and download speeds
  • External sync (Dropbox, Instagram, Facebook, Onedrive etc.)
  • Standard TSL/SSL encryption
  • Optional add-on 256AES encryption, client-side encryption, zero-knowledge privacy
  • GDPR-compliance
  • Data region choice
  • Yearly and lifetime plans
  • Individual, Family and Business plans
  • Apps for Windows, Mac (Intel & M1), iOS, Android and Linux

Security, Privacy & Custom Branding

Some of the features that are part of the pCloud 4th of July Special and jumped out at me the most, were the security and privacy related features. Few B2C products offer features like data region choice, meaning that you can choose if your data is physically stored in the EU or the US. With all the legal consequences that go with that.
GDPR-compliance is another point that puts privacy-conscious customers at ease: you have the right to be forgotten, the right know how your data is used and to be notified of breaches. Whether or not you’re a EU citizen, these are things that in this day and age should be a given.

pCloud Branding options
pCloud branding for shared folders. Source: pCloud

Another point that I personally haven’t encountered at other cloud storage solutions, is the custom branding for shared folders. This means, you can set a cover image, logo and profile image to present your deliverables to customers, present work samples to prospects, or just share within your team in a more fancy way. This is something that clearly sets pCloud apart.

pCloud 4th of July Special offerings

Here are the reduced prices, which are part of the pCloud 4th of July Special:

All of these are one-time payments. The special has already begun and will be on until the 6th of July. Head on over to pCloud to take advantage of the pCloud 4th of July Special right now:

Check out the special right now!

pCloud has a promotion going for 4th of July, ending on July 6th.

What do you think of pCloud? Do the special features they offer convince you? Are you going to take advantage of the lifetime offers? What’s missing for you? Let us know in the comments!

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