ProRes for iPhone 13 Pro is Here via FiLMiC Pro and it Looks Amazing

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ProRes for iPhone 13 Pro is Here via FiLMiC Pro and it Looks Amazing

There are times when Apple creates products that define a market. The iPod, the iPad, and most famously, the iPhone. But while their products are at times revolutionary, they tend to lag behind other developers in features. Apple takes its time with certain releases and isn’t always first across the finish line. This has given FiLMiC Inc. a chance at the gold medal. Their namesake app, FiLMiC Pro, is now the first to support ProRes on the iPhone 13 Pro.

Welp, it seems like the wait for ProRes on your smartphone is over. While Apple has yet to implement the feature into the standard camera app, FiLMiC Inc, and their FiLMiC Pro app have jumped the gun and unlocked the feature early. As more and more creatives utilize the iPhone in their production workflow, one thing is always constant: The FiLMiC app is almost always used. FiLMiC Inc. has grown from a budding software app into a robust company offering four different mobile apps, a film festival, and training on how best to utilize the almighty smartphone in productions. From music videos and short films to Hollywood productions and commercials, FiLMiC Pro has been busy.

FiLMiC Pro allows ProRes recording on iPhone 13

Currently, it’s unclear how Apple will implement its ProRes feature in the iPhone 13 Pro line. Will it be a mobile version? ProRes LT or Proxy? We’ll have to wait to find out. But with FiLMiC Pro, it’s a whole different story. Filmmakers are able to choose between four available ProRes variants. This includes ProRes Proxy, ProRes LT, ProRes 422, and ProRes 422 HQ. All of these variants are in 10-bit and will offer 4:2:2 chroma subsampling with all-intra encoding. Here’s a handy list of bitrates:

  • ProRes Proxy will deliver a max bitrate of ~170Mbps at 4K
  • ProRes LT delivers a bitrate of ~360Mbps at 4K
  • ProRes 422 delivers a bitrate of ~540Mbps at 4K
  • ProRes 422 HQ delivers a maximum bitrate of ~735Mbps at 4K
  • NOTE: These are all claimed numbers and have not been tested by our team
  • PRICE: $14.99 via the App Store or a free upgrade to existing customers
FiLMiC Pro on iOS.
FiLMiC Pro on iOS. Image Credit: FiLMiC Inc.

Creatives and filmmakers who utilize iPhones in their workflow can capture up to a maximum of 30fps in 4K and 60fps in 1080p. FiLMiC Pro’s manual controls, live analytics, and medallion scopes are all available right out of the box.

Why do you want ProRes on an iPhone?

Look, if you only use your phone to call your parents, play games, and order takeout, this app is probably not for you. Even with ProRes, the iPhone 13 Pro won’t be replacing production cameras anytime soon, if ever. But it is giving filmmakers an opportunity to create. Much like how Super8 opened the doors for young creatives to make short films in their backyard, these new tools in the iPhone, are providing equity for those who can’t afford a camera.

Film Look with FiLMiC Pro
Film Look with FiLMiC Pro. Image Credit FiLMiC Inc.

But the iPhone 13 Pro is still expensive! Yes, I hear you, but it can be subsidized or borrowed. There are options to obtain a Pro model iPhone at a quarter of the price of a camera. It also contains your lens kit and editing suite all in one package. You can even write your script on it. With an iPhone, you can develop, write, shoot, edit, and deliver a short film. With that kind of access, the only limits you have are your imagination and creativity. Check out this video from Michael Tobin:

Do You Need It?

If you’ve read this far, then most likely yes. FiLMiC Pro for the iPhone 13 doesn’t only add ProRes to your phone. It opens up unlimited options for creativity in the cinematic medium. Between Cinematic Mode and ProRes, and the amazing hardware built into the camera package, the iPhone is becoming a versatile tool for creativity, education, and expression. Sure, the phone part is nice, but now you can make a movie that can stand up in Hollywood. Move over Mark Duplass, the next revolution is coming.

What do you think of this new app and its features? How will you utilize ProRes in your mobile workflow? Let us know in the comments!


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