Red Giant Complete – Subscribe to the Tools Your NLE Wishes it Had

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Red Giant Complete - Subscribe to the Tools Your NLE Wishes it Had

Red Giant, long-time developers of innovative post-production tools, have unveiled Red Giant Complete, a yearly subscription plan for all of their tools. Is it worth the price of admission?

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The Details on Red Giant Complete

The details matter here, especially when the asking price is $599/year for professionals, $299/year for academic settings. That’s the same price as Adobe Creative Cloud, and potentially twice what you’d pay to license Final Cut Pro X. That might seem like a lot to ask for a set of plugins, but to look at it another way, buying that same software outright would run you $3,500.

Every tool works with After Effects, and some tools work other apps as well: Adobe Premiere is well supported, and Final Cut Pro X isn’t too far behind. Outside of that, support starts to get a little more limited, although not entirely absent. Sorry, Avid and Davinci editors.

However, if you only need one piece of software, or dislike subscriptions, the good news is that buying outright is still absolutely an option for you. Individual software packages are still available on their website. But when the cost of one package can already run up to $999, I personally find it hard to justify purchasing unless you have a very specific need. If you know you need these tools, then the cost is reasonable for what you get.

What’s Included

Everything. Seriously. Every tool and plugin Red Giant has ever made. By my count, that’s 5 software “Suites”, for a total of 113 tools. Trapcode Suite is a particulate and 3d vfx suite that lets you easily generate fluids, particles, objects, light, and more. Magic Bullet Suite has top-notch color and grading tools that far outpace what you find in Lumetri. Universe Suite contains all of the supplemental tools for finishing your video, from unique text generation and animation to transitions to little stylistic flourishes like camera shake and glitch FX. VFX Suite is there for seamless compositing and tracking, and Shooter Suite will help you dump, process, and back up your footage so you’re ready to rock when you hit the edit suite.

Should you Subscribe to Red Giant Complete?

Red Giant makes excellent tools for workflows of all sizes and shapes. But the final question is whether to subscribe or purchase. This package is obviously targeted at the power user, the super fan, the person or organization that can use the full suite from top to bottom, and to end. If that sounds like you, then take advantage of this deal by simply going to their website. Existing Red Giant users can even get 50% off their first year through February 1 with code RGC50 at checkout (or RGC50A for academic purchases). If you are looking for one specific set of tools, however, you might want to consider the numbers a little bit more carefully.

What do you think? Would Red Giant Complete complement your workflow, or do you do just fine with your native plugins and effects? Let us know in the comments!

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