Ricoh Theta V – A New UHD 360 Camera

September 7th, 2017
Ricoh Theta V – A New UHD 360 Camera

The new Ricoh Theta V UHD 360 camera enters an increasingly crowded 360° camera marketplace, but live steaming, 3D spatial audio and 40 minutes of internal UHD recording time make this use a useful 360° tool. Details below: 

Ricoh Theta V

Hot on the heels of the new Insta360 One, the new Ricoh Theta V uses the familiar form factor of past Ricoh 360° cameras, but it marks an impressive upgrade in terms of specs. You’ll be able to capture 360-degree UHD (3840×1920) with the help of two f/2 lenses mounted on either side of the body and 12 megapixel CMOS sensor.

Sample Footage: 

Live streaming in UHD is also now possible with the Theta V, but no information is available on which platforms will support the stream quite yet. The lack of a memory card slot limits this device for professional use, but increased data transfer speeds and 19GB of internal storage allow for 40 minutes of 4K in H.264.

An optional audio attachment is available, which Ricoh promises will record true 360° spatial audio. As I found out from my time with the Ossic X headphones late last year, 360° audio can sound truly fantastic when recorded and mixed correctly.

Like previous models, a free iOS and Android app is available for manually controlling settings.

Ricoh Theta V Tech Specs: 

  • Max Resolution: 3840×1920
  • Interval Recording Mode
  • Weight: 121 grams
  • Optional 3D Audio Attachement
  • Optional Underwater Housing
  • Battery Life: 80 minutes of video or 3000 images
  • Photo Resolution: 5376 x 2688 (12MP)






While its price tag puts the Ricoh Theta V on the premium side of 360° cameras in this category, it’s a light-weight and easy-to-use device that includes Ricoh’s impressive stitching technology. For fans of past Ricoh cameras and those without a Samsung device, this may be the option you’re looking for.

Price: $429.00
Availability: Shipping Sept 15th – Available for pre-order HERE.

What do you think of the Ricoh Theta V? In a crowded category like 360, do you think the Theta V will stand out? Comment below!


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 Dan Hyman
Dan Hyman
MemberSeptember 9th, 2017

I’ve been waiting for the 4K Theta to jump into 360, unfortunately, it looks like they just upscaled the HD image. Zero sharpness.

Anton Polinski
Anton Polinski
GuestSeptember 11th, 2017

looks like its just an upscale of HD Signal no barely difference in resolution. ;/

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