RØDE Wireless Go II Updates – RØDE Central V1.3

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RØDE Wireless Go II Updates – RØDE Central V1.3

While the popular RØDE Wireless Go II is a pretty neat and useful solution for wireless audio recording on set, the accompanying RØDE Central software –now in version 1.3– offers even more features. Let’s dive in!

RØDE Central could be described as the back office of the Wireless Go II system. It takes care of various settings for the tiny transmitters and/or the receiver, as well as managing the resulting recordings and preparing them for downstream post-production.

The freshly announced version 1.3 of RØDE Central (article here) offers a whole bunch of much-anticipated features.. batch export, anyone?

RØDE Central for Wireless Go II

Here’s a list of new features (taken from their website) version 1.3 has to offer. Most of the implemented features are based on user feedback, so it’s nice to see that RØDE seems to be listening and improving its products accordingly.

Batch Export:
You can now export multiple recordings from RØDE Central simultaneously. To do this, simply check the box next to any recordings you want to export, then click ‘Export’.

RØDE Central Export
image credit: RØDE

Exporting Selections:
Sections of recordings can now be exported individually via manual selection, rather than you having to export the entire file. To do this, right-click and drag the selection tool anywhere on the waveform to highlight the section you need, then click ‘Export Selection’.

User Marker Indexing:
Markers that you have manually dropped into a recording will now be indexed in a drop-down menu underneath each master recording.

RØDE Central Marker
image credit: RØDE

Simply click the arrow next the recording you want to access to see the list of markers. When you click on one, you will jump to this section of the recording and a selection will be made between this marker and the next one in the file (or the end of the recording if there are no other markers). Then you can click ‘Export Selection’ to export this section of audio.

Colour-coded Markers:
To make it easier to differentiate between dropout markers and user markers in a recording file, these are now colour coded red and green respectively. Dropout Regions If several dropouts occur within 10 seconds of each other, these will now be displayed as a “dropout region” rather than there being multiple dropout markers clumped together. This can then be exported as an individual section.

RØDE Central
image credit: RØDE

‘Jump to Marker’ Buttons:
A ‘Jump to Marker’ button has been added, which make it easier to locate and export dropouts, dropout regions and user markers. These are located next to the play button under the waveform. Simply select what type of marker you want to navigate to (dropouts or user markers), then click the buttons to jump to those markers. A selection will be made depending on what type of marker you are jumping to, which can then be exported individually using the ‘Export Selection’ button.

Name Recordings:
The names of recordings can now be manually edited in RØDE Central. Simply double click a recording title, type a new name, and press ‘Return/Enter’ to save it.

RØDE Central Naming
image credit: RØDE

Note: recording file names are stored in RØDE Central, not on the transmitters, meaning that if you plug your Wireless GO II into a different computer, saved file names will not appear.

Mini Nav Bar:
a mini-nav bar above the main waveform has been added. This shows the full file, including all markers, and allows you to quickly jump to any part of the recording you need to. This is particularly handy for longer recordings.

You can either click on a section to jump to it or click and drag to scrub through the whole recording. You can also right-click and drag to make a selection in the mini-nav bar.

Waveform Zooming:
A waveform zoom function has also been added. This allows you to zoom into sections of your recording and make very specific selections, which can then be exported using the selection tool.


The updated v1.3 RØDE Central can be downloaded here for free. While the RØDE Central software is available for both iOS/Android and macOS/Windows, this update focuses mainly on export-related features, so the above improvements are only available in the desktop versions. The mobile version of the RØDE Central app is more about adjusting settings without the need for a laptop.

Link: RØDE

Are you using the Wireless Go II system for capturing audio? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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