Silencer Air+ is More Than Just a Wireless Follow Focus

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Silencer Air+ is More Than Just a Wireless Follow Focus

The Silencer Air+ is a wireless follow focus system from 24shots based on the original Silencer Air. It now comes with a new dial controller, new smart features like time lapse mode or two buton-save focus points and optional motion device kits.

The original Silencer Air wireless follow focus system came out in 2017 and it brought a different approach than its competitors. It featured small form factor with a compact all-in-one wireless motor unit and trigger (one finger) operation instead of the classical wheel. It also offered smart programmable functions through the 24shots mobile app. For more information about the original Silencer Air make sure to check our older article. Mind you that we didn’t have a chance to test any of these products yet, this is merely a news post about an interesting device we came across.

Silencer Air+

The new Silencer Air+ system is not an entirely redesigned product. It builds on the Silencer Air and brings a couple of improvements and accessories based on user feedback. Previously, the Silencer Air follow focus was only controlled with a trigger. The company now also includes the new +Dial controller in the set for more traditional focus pulling operation. Furthermore, there are new features like time-lapse mode, automatic lens mapping, and two button-save focus points. Another innovation with the Air+ is a whole new ecosystem – the wireless follow focus system can now also function as a motor driven dolly or a 360 degree turntable. All the new interesting features of the Silencer Air+ are nicely summed up in the following promotional video.

There are more ways how the Silencer Air+ motors can work and it depends on the lens used. For photographic lenses without geared rings there is the belt drive, for geared lenses either simple gear drive or pro gear drive can be utilized. The motor is claimed to be strong and precise enough to drive any photo and cinema lenses.

The Silencer Air+ set includes both the trigger and Air +Dial controller and the ability to easily switch (hot-swap) between them. The motor unit is an all-in-one tube-shaped device with a battery, receiver, and motor.

The 24shots mobile app is the hub that makes full use of the Silencer Air+ potential. In the app, users can switch between using the system as a follow focus, a motion device, a turntable, or a drone follow focus. There are different customization modes available tailored for each use of the Silencer. More on the older functionalities of the app in the initial Silencer Air article. The app is free and can be downloaded from iTunes (iOS) or Google store (Android).

Silencer Air+ Motion Devices

What 24Shots really emphasize about the Silencer Air+ is that it is not only a wireless follow focus. They see it as more of an ecosystem of various motion control devices. The motor unit and the controller can be used in variety of other ways – till now 24Shots introduced two motion devices. The company says, however, they are working on more motion control devices to fit in the Silencer Air+ ecosystem.

The +Dolly Kit converts the Silencer Air+ Follow Focus into a small three-wheeled dolly for linear slides, rotationally targeted and automatic pans on any smooth surface. The 24shots app can be configured for dolly use and enables using the trigger/dial controller to pull variable speed between targets. It also supports the Save Marks mode to enable push button saved stop positions or the new Time Lapse features. The wheels of the dolly can be adjusted to maneuver it on virtually any radius. It also offers various mounting holes for ¼-20 gear.

The Air +Turntable kit gives users the rotating motion. The Silencer Air+ can be converted in a turntable system for precision rotational views of products. The rotating platform features mounting holes to secure products, cameras, lights or any other gear. The 24shots app has a special turntable mode to control the speed, direction and desired rotation time. Using the controller button 1 rotates the turntable for 5 seconds and button 2 for 15 seconds. The turntable can support a balanced weight of 6 lbs (2.72 kg).

Price and Availability

The basic Air Silencer+ set is priced at $925 and it includes one +motor, one +dial and one +trigger. The optional accessories are available at following prices:

  • +pro gear drive (drive for geared cinema lenses) is priced at $120.
  • +dolly kit costs $190 and the dolly kit with ballhead $220.
  • +turntable kit will set you back $145.

The Silencer Air+ set as well as all the accessories can be purchased directly from the 24Shots webshop. They just started shipping first units on January 14th.

What do you think of the Silencer Air+ wireless follow focus system? Did you get the chance to try the previous model? Let us know your thoughts or experience in the comments below.

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