SIRUI 3T-R Released – Compact Table Top Tripod with Remote Control

SIRUI 3T-R Released – Compact Table Top Tripod with Remote Control

SIRUI recently released the 3T-R, a table top tripod that allows you to control your camera using a built-in remote controller. Ideal for vloggers and content creators, the SIRUI 3T-R is compatible with many Sony Alpha and Canon M-Series cameras and is currently available for $99.90.

Chinese manufacturer SIRUI recently released the SIRUI 3T-R which is a small table top tripod with camera control capabilities. The 3T-R connects to your camera via Bluetooth and it can act both as a tripod or a hand grip.

Its features and design seem particularly suitable for vlogging scenarios, where adjusting camera settings remotely without compromising the shot is essential. Let’s see how it works.

SIRUI 3T-R: table top tripod with camera remote control

A detachable remote controller is integrated into one of the SIRUI 3T-R’s legs. The controller wirelessly connects to the camera via Bluetooth thus allowing for remote control of shooting, focusing and zooming functions within a range of 10 meters.

SIRUI 3T-R detachable remote controller
The SIRUI 3T-R features a detachable camera remote controller. Source: SIRUI

The SIRUI 3T-R is currently compatible with many Sony Alpha and Canon M-Series cameras. A complete list of supported cameras and their relative functions is available on the SIRUI website.

Moreover, a Bluetooth receiver hides on the back of one of the legs and it extends support to Sony cameras that lack native Bluetooth connectivity. The receiver must be inserted in the multi-function port on the camera, which can then be paired to the remote controller.

SIRUI detachable remote controller
SIRUI 3T-R detachable remote controller and Bluetooth receiver. Source: SIRUI

Two-in-one design: tripod or hand grip?

This table top tripod features a two-in-one design. In fact, by folding its legs it can be quickly turned into a hand grip with accessible camera controls. This can be a particularly useful features when shooting vlogs.

SIRUI hand grip
SIRUI 3T-R in grip mode. Source: SIRUI

In addition, the aluminum structure should provide steady support. While the camera can be attached to the tripod via a quick release plate, a 1/4-20” threaded hole offers an extra mounting point for attaching accessories, such as an external microphone.

Final touches: all legs have a built-in magnet to keep them together when folded and a little rubber pad on each foot prevents the tripod from sliding around.

Key features

  • Two-in-one design: mini tripod or hand grip
  • Remote control for Sony and Canon cameras
  • Detachable remote controller
  • Detachable Bluetooth receiver (for Sony cameras without Bluetooth)
  • 10-meter range
  • Aluminum alloy
  • 1/4”-20 threaded hole
  • 174x58x39 mm (folded)
  • 284g
  • Maximum payload: < 1000g
SIRUI table top tripod
SIRUI 3T-R in tripod mode. Source: SIRUI

Price and availability

Just like many SIRUI products, the new SIRUI 3T-R comes at an extremely affordable price considering its features. In fact, this new table top tripod and hand grip is now available for purchase on B&H or CVP for $99.90.

Featured image credits: Photo by Guido Hofmann on Unsplash

Have you ever considered controlling your camera from tripod? Do you think this product could have other applications? Let us know in the comments below!

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