THANOS-PROX – New Version of Gimbal Support System Announced

THANOS-PROX - New Version of Gimbal Support System Announced

DigitalFoto THANOS-PROX is a new version of the gimbal support system. It supports all one-handed gimbals and cameras up to 18kg weight (39.7 lbs). It comes with a new vest and arm made from stronger material. THANOS-PROX is available now for $2,500.

The combination of a traditional steady-cam and motorized gimbal is certainly an interesting tool. When handled properly, it produces impressively smooth shots. Apart from the professional ARRI Trinity rig (priced around $50,000), there are more other budget-friendly solutions – for example, the Tilta Float RS2 or CAME-TV Pro Camera Video Stabilizer.

DigitalFoto is another Chinese company that offers such a solution. Last year in November, we reported about their THANOS-PRO II gimbal support system. The company now announced a new version of the system called THANOS-PROX, so let’s take a short look at what is new.

DigitalFoto THANOS-PROX Gimbal Support System

The main difference between the new THANOS-PROX system and the THANOS-PRO II is the maximum payload. The new system can support payloads between 5 and 18 kg (11-39.7 lbs) as opposed to 5-12 kg (11-26.5 lbs) of the old THANOS-PRO II. Secondly, DigitalFoto claims that the THANOS-PROX uses a new vest and arm made of stronger material to support the higher payload. Thirdly, the new THANOS-PROX comes with more accessories, including a better quality 11″ magic arm.

THANOS-PROX – New Vest and Arm. Source: DigitalFoto

The monopod, as well as the sled, are made from carbon fiber. The length range of the monopod is 45.8-81cm (18-31.8″) and DigitalFoto includes 2×0.95kg and 2×0.5kg counterweights for the sled. The system is compatible with any one-handed gimbal, like Zhiyun Crane 3S, 2S, SJI Ronin-S, Ronin-SC, RS2, RSC2, Moza Air 2, and more.

When it comes to power, the PROX has a V-Mount battery plate on the sled with a variety of cables and dummy-battery adapters for powering different cameras. The tension of the arm can be adjusted with an included tool.

THANOS-PROX Gimbal Support System. Source: DigitalFoto

There is also a 1/4″ screw thread on the collar to mount various accessories such as monitors. That way, the mounted accessory stays in sight of the operator even when the gimbal with camera gets swung down for low angle perspective.

Price and Availability

The DigitalFoto THANOS-PROX gimbal support system is now available for purchase. The price has been set to $2,500. The system comes in an aluminum box and includes vest, arm, sled, monopod, collar, counterweights, V-Mount plate with cables, magic arm, and tools.

THANOS-PROX – Packaging Content. Source: DigitalFoto

What do you think about the THANOS-PROX system from DigitalFoto? Did you ever try this or a similar gimbal support system? Let us know in the comments section underneath the article.

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