The Swedish Chameleon RC3 rig

We’ve reported about the Swedish Chameleon Version 1 rig last year and in the meantime their stuff has been updated twice.

The newest version of the Swedish Chameleon (RC:3) perfects the initial approach of being able to control the camera without compromising stability, which is usually an issue with other rigs and the limitations of DSLR cameras and lenses.

The bent handle design and tiltable follow focus units will help control focus and zoom without the need to move your hands.

The new one-rod-mount follow focus now has an angle adjustable knob and dual belt wheels. Great for small setups where most one sided follow focus units don’t fit. The focusing knob has a marker disk and a crank port.

Check out the video with Mattias Holmer, one of the creators of Swedish Chameleon, as he explains the functions of the rig in detail.
By via Cinescopophilia:

We’ve tested the Swedish Chameleon Version 1 Rig and can tell the built quality is very good and there is a lot of intelligent design in it.

The Swedish Chameleon 3rd edition family is made for both DSLR and box-style camcorders.

The SC:3 has recently become available but due to the high demand their production will only be able catch up by August. The rig is still available for preorder (with 5% preorder discount). Apparently this rig is very famous among Swedish DSLR filmmakers.

The SC:3 handheld rig is 1625€ ($2341).
+ second follow focus (for zoom): 1980€ ($2853).
“Xtension kit” +180€
(mounting options like low-mount, top-handle etc.)

Swedish Chameleon website:

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