Tilta Announced RED Komodo Cage, Handles and Power Modules

Tilta Announced RED Komodo Cage, Handles and Power Modules

Tilta announced a new rig/cage for the RED Komodo 6K Super35 camera. The rig includes a top plate and cage with multiple mounting threads, cold shoes, and rosettes. Tilta will also offer multiple handles as well as power modules. Starting at $129, the rigs will be available in August 2020 as preconfigured kits as well as separate components.

RED Komodo 6K Super35 cinema camera is getting closer to the official production release (here is our last update article on the camera). While Jarred Land and the whole RED Digital Cinema team works on finalizing, testing, and shipping out the white “Stormtrooper” version (RED’s traditional last pre-production color) of the camera, third-party manufacturers continue announcing accessories for Komodo.

RED Komodo Stormtroopers Assembly. Source: Jarred Land/Instagram

We have seen SmallHD come with a special Komodo-optimized monitor last week. This time we will take a look at Tilta’s announcement – a new camera cage/rig for RED Komodo including Power Module options.

Tilta Camera Rig for RED Komodo

In my opinion, Tilta’s cage for RED Komodo includes many interesting design solutions. The company designed the top plate, slide-in sides cage, baseplates, a variety of handles, and powering solutions. There will be two colors available – classic black and tactical style (dark “worn-out” grey). The full cage weighs 279g. The dimensions of the cage are (LxWxH) 138 x 123.8 x 115.5mm.

Tilta Komodo Rig. Source: Tilta

On the slide-in cage, there are multiple 3/8″ and 1/4″ threads as well as rosette mounting points on the sides. It seems, unfortunately, that the rosette is not an ARRI standard – Tilta says it is a Komodo custom rosette design.

Tilta Komodo Rig – Rosettes. Source: Tilta

The top plate adds two 1/4″ threads with locating pins and a cold shoe with another 1/4″ thread.

Tilta Komodo Rig – Top Plate. Source: Tilta

On the bottom of the camera, there is a multi-functional adapter plate with standard 15mm dovetail slot and built-in 3/8″ and 1/4″ screw slots.

Tilta Komodo Rig – Baseplate. Source: Tilta

Tilta announced the new LWS lightweight 15mm baseplate which adds 15mm rods support and it is compatible with Manfrotto and Arca quick release plates. The baseplate also includes a mini safety pin to prevent the camera from sliding out when not tightened properly.

Flexible Handles

Perhaps the most interesting design feature (for me at least) is the flexible top handle which is adjustable to work at different angles. There is a button quick-release system (same as we know from the SHAPE extension handle rod) that is mounted at a 45° angle. When the button is pressed, the handle can freely rotate and therefore act as either top handle or side handle. When released, the handle remains securely in position.

Tilta Komodo Rig – Flexible Handle. Source: Tilta

Furthermore, the handle can be moved back and forth after loosening two 1/4″ screws. There is also one cold shoe and one 15mm rod holder on the handle’s arm. On the handle itself, there are two cold shoe slots with safety pins on both ends.

In addition to the 45° flexible handle, Tilta also offers a 90° top handle. It is mounted to the cold shoe on the top of the camera and secured with a 1/4″ screw. It also uses a button quick-release system. When pressed, the handle can freely rotate to get the Komodo’s top screen unobstructed.

Tilta Komodo Rig – Top Handle. Source: Tilta

Tilta will also be offering a variety of adjustable multi-angle side handles. Starting with a simple wooden side handle, over to focus handle (for Nucleus follow focus control), and power handle (for Nucleus control and powering).

Tilta Komodo Rig – Side Handles. Source: Tilta

Tilta Power Modules

It seems that Tilta will offer two Power Module options for the RED Komodo. Both convert the two Canon BP battery slots into one V-Mount slot while adding multiple ports.

The first Power Module option has the V-mount plate turned sideways so the battery packs need to be mounted from the side. It weighs 205g and adds the following ports:

  • 5V USB-out port
  • Two 14.8V D-Tap ports
  • Two 14.8V 2-pin Lemo ports

Tilta Komodo Rig – Power Module. Source: Tilta

Tilta’s Advanced Power Distribution Module is a more sophisticated power solution. The V-Mount plate can be mounted either sideways or in a standard upright position for larger V-mount batteries. The module adds more ports:

  • Run/Stop port
  • Timecode port
  • Control port
  • Genlock port
  • 5V USB-out port
  • 14.8V D-Tap port
  • 14.8V 2-pin Lemo port

Tilta Komodo Rig – Power Distribution Module. Source: Tilta

Price and Availability

Tilta RED Komodo rig will be available in August 2020. The company will offer all the components separately or in preconfigured kits.

The full cage will cost $129, the LWS Baseplate will retail for $119. The powering solutions will retail for $139 (simple V-Mount Power Module) and $329 (Advanced Power Distribution Module). All the prices for each component can be found here.

Tilta Komodo – Examples of Precofigured Rigs. Source: Tilta

Tilta prepared five preconfigured kits ranging from $199 (Handheld Kit) to $539 (professional kit). All the kits can be found here on Tilta’s website.

What do you think of the Tilta RED Komodo rig and accessories? Are you planning on getting a RED Komodo? Let us know in the comments below the article.

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