"Today Of All Days" Web Series Shot With a Canon 5D Mark II.

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“Today Of All Days” Trailer.

“Today Of All Days” Episode One.

Director of Photography Emrys Roberts sent me this little trailer and web series episode shot on the Canon 5D Mark II. He also was kind enough to send in some production info about the shoot. We always dig the BTS stuff here on Cinema 5D. Keep sending it in. Thanks for sending Emrys!

Here is the breakdown of the shoot.


“Today of All Days” was shot using the Canon 5D Mark II and the Canon

7D. We utilized these cameras for the obvious reason of their ability

to shoot the film-look with shallow depth of field. But not only that

these cameras made shooting our short film a much richer experience,

mainly due to the amount of freedom these cameras aloud us.

The first huge advantage of HDSLR’s in short film is their size. This

huge impact on how you carry the camera and for how long. Our

production was based on a lot of action with the need to keep the

camera mobile for almost 75% of the shoot. But while the size and

weight of these cameras in relation to the sensor size is amazing, as

many in the HDSLR community know, it can also be your downfall without

the right rigging involved.

For this shoot we also used Canon L glass to take advantage of the

higher image quality and faster speeds as opposed to regular EF

lenses. The only disadvantages to the Canon L lenses has over some

others lens choices like say Zeiss for instance, is the lack of hard

stops in the focus ring, and the way how Canon lenses have a very

unforgiving shift in the focus distance the further you go. Once your

focusing any where past say 4 ft for instance, the focus begins to

pull much faster. This can be a real pain when trying to find your

focus points. That being said, no matter what lenses your using, try

to get in the habit of marking your focus points and possibly having a

Focus puller on location.”

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