When Are Lenses Not Worth Repairing? – Matthew Duclos – ON THE GO – Episode 50

In this second part of our chat with Matthew Duclos and Alex Nelson from Duclos Lenses, the focus of our conversation about cine lenses turns to a few different manufacturers, and one particular urban legend…

As a business that both services and sells lenses, the folks at Duclos Lenses are well aware of the recent emergence of more affordable cine glass. Matthew shares with us a little of how his business has changed in the last few years in response to the affordable lens phenomenon.  He also tells us what are the worst lenses to service, and which he absolutely won’t let anywhere near his work bench.

We also talk Samyang lenses, perhaps the company that started it all in terms of affordable cine lenses. Over rated? Under rated? Cheap, or great working tools?

These days, Matthew is particularly impressed with the quality of the new Sigma cine primes, considering them dollar for dollar the best option out there right now, both in terms of their quality, as well as to the company’s manufacturing philosophy in general. Sigma is a company that has been carrying out a particularly aggressive entry in to the cinema lens market, with a whole range of primes and zooms becoming available in the space of just a few months. If you want to find out more about how Sigma is doing things these days, make sure you also check out On The Go episode 38, as well as our interview with Sigma CEO Mr. Kazuto Yamaki.

Finally, we ask Matthew what’s the deal with those RED zooms, and whether they were in fact made by Cooke. Will Matthew spill the beans?

Lenses are key tools to our work, but what is clear is that the production of more and more full-frame glass is clearly pushing towards larger-sensor cinema cameras. It seems the market is already shifting, with the latest Sony announcement at Cine Gear Expo 2017 hinting at an upcoming full-frame CineAlta camera. In any case, regarding a market that is constantly in flux, it’s great to get the insight of people as knowledgeable as Matthew and Alex.

Thanks for sticking around for the first 50 episodes of cinema5D ON THE GO. Here’s to the next 50! :)

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