Wise Advanced Announces New CFexpress Type B Mk-II Cards with Higher Sustained Write Speeds

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Wise Advanced Announces New CFexpress Type B Mk-II Cards with Higher Sustained Write Speeds

Wise Advanced is refreshing its CFX-B series line of CFexpress media cards. The new Wise Advanced 512GB and 1TB CFexpress Type B Mk-II Cards offer higher minimum sustained write speeds while generating less heat. Let’s take a look at how these compare to the original.

Though generally regarded as a budget-friendly alternative to brands like SanDisk, ProGrade, and Angelbird, Wise Advanced has been a manufacturer of storage products since 1992. They currently offer CFexpress Type B, CFast 2.0, SDXC, SSD media, and a range of card readers. They designed their products to handle raw recording from modern cameras in 4K and 8K.

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The new Wise Advanced 512GB and 1TB CFexpress Type B Mk-II Cards, models CFX-B512M2 and CFX-B1024M2, replace the previous models, CFX-B512 and CFX-B1024.

According to Wise Advanced, customers can expect a 2-3 times increase in minimum sustained write speeds with the new cards. This increase is made possible by using newer chips made in the 12nm process and NAND Flash memory technology.

They state that “sustained writes of up to 1300 MB/s in TLC mode allow the Mk-II models to keep the majority of RAW recording nowadays, including one of the most demanding video codecs, the 8.3K Nikon RAW 60P, at ease.”

“We are excited to see more advanced cameras this year, and pleased to include the latest technology to our standard all-day memory media. We believe these two new models will be sufficient for the continuous RAW shooting and video recording in the current mid-high camera environment”

Frank Wang, Senior Product Manager of Wise Advanced.

Maybe he knows something we don’t about what is on the horizon for camera releases in 2023…

Wise CFexpress Type B Mk-I Cards vs. CFexpress Type B Mk-II Cards

Original Cards  Mark II Cards
Model NumbersCFX-B512 // CFX-B1024CFX-B512M2 / CFX-B1024M2
Storage Capacity512GB, 1TB512GB, 1TB
InterfacePCI-Express 3.0PCI-Express 3.0
Maximum Read Speed1700 MB/s1700 MB/s
Maximum Write Speed1550 MB/s1550 MB/s
Minimum Sustained Write Speed400 MB/s // 400 MB/s850 MB/s // 1300 MB/s
Operating temperature14 to 158°F / -10 to 70°C14˚F to 158˚F (-10˚C to 70˚C)

Though nothing else about these cards is different, this increase in minimum sustained write speeds should be a welcomed sight for shooters. This increase puts Wise Advanced in line with comparable CFexpress cards from AngelBird, whose 512GB and 1TB cards have a minimum sustained speed of 800MB/s and 1300 MB/s. Competition is always a good thing.

Wise Advanced still needs to release pricing information for the new CFexpress Type B Mk-II Cards. The original models were priced at $179.99 for the 512GB card and $349.99 for the 1TB card. I don’t expect that there will be a price increase.

The Wise CFexpress Type B Mk-II cards will be available in mid-March 2023. Visit Wise Advanced’s site for more information.

Does your camera take CFexpress Type B media? Have you used media cards from Wise Advanced? Let us know your experience with their products in the comments below.

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