YC Onion “KIWI” Wireless Microphone System Announced

YC Onion has just introduced their new 2-person wireless microphone, the KIWI. It is the smallest one I have personally come across, and all that is left is to hope that the sound quality that comes from that “lipstick-size device” is acceptable.

As we continued to storm NAB’s show floor, this time we came across the “KIWI”, which was presented to us by the very friendly and knowledgeable Sandy. YC Onion is known for giving their products creative “food names” and the KIWI wireless microphone is no exception. Name aside, what really struck us when we first saw this product was its size and the innovative way the two microphones can be kept and attached to the receiver when not in use.

When it comes to specifications, here is what you can expect from this miniature device:

  • Service range: 50m when a line of sight is doable, and 10m when there is no direct eye contact
  • Battery capacity: 160 mAh for the Transmitter and 280 mAh for the Receiver. According to the company, this will keep the device running for about 8 hours
  • Weight: Transmitter, 6.5g. Receiver, 20g
  • Size dimensions: Transmitter, 13*23.5*22.5mm. Receiver, 47*23.5*24.5mm
YC Onion, KIWI wireless
YC Onion, KIWI wireless audio system. Credit: CineD

As this is NOT a product review in any way, but rather a first look at a new product on the show floor, what really caught our attention was the “microphone magnet attachment” that helps when “hidden recording” is preferred. (Hell, we all grow up in broadcast or cinema where microphones are not supposed to be seen)… The magnet on the unit we looked at was incredibly strong, making it easy to “attach and forget” before recording.

Talking about microphone transparency, one thing that stands out with this mic as compared to others is the absence of a big company logo or name on the microphone itself à la RØDE, DJI, or others. Personally, one reason I try NOT to use RØDE wearable mics is exactly because of that. Being a walking advertising board for some of their products, regardless of how good they are, is not something that I can associate with.

KIWI - One receiver, two microphones
KIWI – One receiver, two microphones. Credit: CineD

Back to the KIWI itself. So who is it actually for? Looking at how the content creation world is evolving, it is easy to find a lot of uses for such a device. (And the 2-Person mic system is a real bonus). This is also the reason that you will find SO MANY other companies competing in the same (wireless audio) space. One feature that this recording device is offering is a “noise canceling” option. We have seen this before, but implementing it was not so successful. (See our Comica wireless microphone review here).

KIWI Accessories.
KIWI Accessories. Image credit: CineD

KIWI Accessories

Accessories-wise, YC Onion has generously included a bunch of connectors, including charging cables to charge the mic FROM the phone (iOS and Android connectors). If your phone is dying, their split cable will allow connecting a power bank to the phone (and through the phone to the mic/receiver). Direct charging WITHOUT the phone is also possible (our preferred way) and in about 20 minutes of charging time, the small-sized battery gets fully charged.

Monitoring the audio from the receiver itself is possible, next to connecting it to your favorite mirrorless/DSLR camera.

There is also an assortment of separate magnets (for the hot shoe, for example) which should help with attaching the device to the camera.

A small bag is also included in this package, so everything related to this wireless mic can be stored or transported nicely.

Last but not least, the KIWI will be sold at a very affordable price, $99 to be exact, and the official product launch will happen in May.

What do you think about the new KIWI wireless microphone system from YC Onion? Do you see yourself using it? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.


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