ZGCINE NPF-02 Multipurpose Power Adapter for Sony NP-F Batteries Released

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ZGCINE NPF-02 Multipurpose Power Adapter for Sony NP-F Batteries Released

ZGCINE has introduced the NPF-02 multipurpose power adapter for Sony NP-F batteries. This tiny, affordable adapter comes packed with fast-charging support and enough powering-out options to suit your needs. The NPF-02 could be an exciting new product for filmmakers who require a reliable and lightweight power source for their camera rigs. It’s available now for only $39.99, so let’s look at what it can do!

ZGCINE is a Chinese brand that is also known under its registered name Shenzhen Zhengguang Imaging Equipment Co., Ltd. They specialize in developing and producing batteries, charging solutions, and other accessories for filmmakers and content creators. 

ZGCINE has been on our radar for a while. Their ZG-V160, ZG-V99 and ZG-V50 series V-mount batteries offer an alternative to other budget-friendly brands such as FXLION. 

Mini V-mount batteries are extremely popular with power-hungry shooters who still want a small and lightweight rig. But what about DSLR and Mirrorless shooters? That’s where a product like the NPF-02 comes into play.

Image credit: ZGCINE

The ZGCINE NPF-02 works with Sony NP-F batteries to provide a fast-charging and multi-power output solution. It is capable of charging the larger NP-F970 batteries in just over 3 hours. The NPF-02 can also provide power to cameras and monitors simultaneously with USB-C and 2 DC outputs.

ZGCINE NPF-02 power specifications

Image credit: ZGCINE
Brand NameZGCINE
Model NumberNPF-02
Dimensions2 x 3.6 inches
USB-C Output5V 3A

9V 2.8A

12V 2.1A

15V 1.67A

20V 1.25A
DC output8.4V 3A

12V 3A
USB-C PD input25W fast charge
NP charging timeF550 – 78 minutes, F750 – 120 minutes F970 – 200 minutes
Place of OriginGuangdong, China

As a lightweight and compact solution, the NPF-02 allows users to easily power their equipment without needing bulky and heavy batteries. Its size makes it an ideal solution for those who need to power their cameras, lights, and more in various locations.

Although we haven’t tested the ZGCINE NPF-02 ourselves, its design and build quality seem to be on par with other products from ZGCINE. Its battery level indicator and relatively small footprint make it a useful accessory that anyone can include in their kit.

The inclusion of a 1/4″ -20 screw mount with locating pins on the bottom of the unit allows for a secure and stable connection point for your camera rig. Additionally, the NP-F batteries should stay firmly mounted thanks to the locking connection and quick-release button.

Price and availability

The ZGCINE NPF-02 is available to order now at B&H for $39.99.

ZGCINE also makes the NPF-01 for NP-F batteries. The NPF-01 offers the same fast-charging capabilities as the NPF-02 but features D-TAP and USB-A outputs. Head over to ZGCINE’s site for more information.

What do you think of the new ZGCINE NPF-02? Would you use this product with your Mirrorless camera rig? Let us know in the comments below.

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