7Artisans 4mm f/2.8 APS-C Circular Fisheye Lens Released

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7Artisans 4mm f/2.8 APS-C Circular Fisheye Lens Released

7Artisans has introduced a new, budget circular fisheye lens with a unique 225° field of view for APS-C cameras. This 7Artisans 4mm f/2.8 lens makes taking 360° panoramas easy, and could even be a 180° VR video solution. Let’s have a look at the specs!

Founded in 2015, 7Artisans has made a name for themselves with a range of cost-effective, manual lenses for mirrorless mounts. Though their lenses come with some compromises, their fresh take on design is a welcomed retreat from the norm and is, in some cases, unmatched.

This lens joins a tiny list of lenses that can create a circular fisheye perspective on a Micro Four Thirds or APS-C camera. Circular lenses are a very niche product, not a standard carry fisheye lens. 

Image Credit: 7Artisans

7Artisans 4mm f/2.8 circular fisheye for APS-C: overview

The 7Artisans 4mm f/2.8 lens’ 225° field of view can produce a 360° panoramic still in a minimum of 2 clicks. Whatsmore, this lens can also be used to shoot striking, ultra-wide video. The video can then be processed in post for use in 180° VR applications, or paired with a second camera to create 360° VR or 180° stereoscopic VR on a budget.

Image Credit: 7Artisans

The 201g all-metal body is lightweight enough to allow the lens to take to the skies on an X5 DJI drone. The manufacturer refers to this as “God’s Perspective,” a visual experience that is certainly unique.

7Artisans 4mm f/2.8 Lens on drone. Image Credit: 7Artisans

7Artisans 4mm f/2.8 Lens Specs

Focal Length4mm
Frame TypeAPS-C
ApertureF2.8 – F16
Aperture Blades7
Angle of View225°
Closest Focusing Distance0.085m (3.35 inches)
Optical Structure10 Elements in 8 Groups
Filter sizeNo Filter Support
Body MaterialsMetal
Price$149.00 USD

Competition and pricing

Although there are a wide variety of circular fisheye lenses for Full Frame sensors, very few are designed for APS-C. That doesn’t mean 7Artisans 4mm f/2.8 lens is in a league of its own. For example, both Meike and Venus Optics have had circular fisheye lenses on the market for some time now.

Meike 3.5mm f/2.8. Image credit: Meike

Meike’s 3.5mm f/2.8 circular fisheye lens is nearly identical to 7artisan’s 4mm f/2.8. It offers a similar 220° field of view and weighs only 190g. It is priced at $139; however, it is only available with an M43 mount.

Laowa 4mm f/2.8 Fisheye lens for new mirrorless mounts. Source: Venus Optics

Venus Optics Laowa 4mm f/2.8 provides a 210° angle of view, weighs 135g, and is available for EF-M, X, M43, Z, E, and Leica mounts. It is priced at $199.

7Artisans 4mm f/2.8 lens on Sony A7 body. Image Credit: 7Artisans

The 7Artisans 4mm f/2.8 lens looks to be a terrific budget option for creating circular fisheye images. It is currently available to order on 7Articans’ site for $149.

What do you think of the 7Artisans 4mm f/2.8 lens? Do you already have experience with a circular fisheye lens? Let us know in the comments underneath the article.

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