Aladdin ALL-IN – Flexible Bi-Color Plus RGB Light Panels

The Aladdin ALL-IN light panels are flexible lightweight LED panels with high CRI of 98. They come in two sizes – 1×1 and 2×1 – and either as a bi-color only or bi-color combined with RGB. The panels can be controllled via wireless remote or smartphone app.

Aladdin introduced their new ALL-IN light panels during the NAB 2019 show. While these lights also come as a bi-color-only version, we talked with Andre from Aladdin about the more interesting Bi-color plus RGB version of those lights.

Aladdin ALL-IN

The Aladdin ALL-IN bi-color plus RGB light includes three different LED units on the panel – daylight, tungsten, and RGB LEDs. Both white LEDs have been measured at high CRI values of 98 (TLCI is 98 too). They can achieve color temperatures between 2900K to 6200K.

The panel comes in two sizes – the ALL-IN 1, which is a classic square 1×1′ sized panel, and the ALL-IN 2, which is twice the size at 2×1′. The overall power output of the 2×1 version is 140W which is distributed as 100W for the bi-color LEDs and 40W for the RGB LEDs. For the 1×1 version these values are divided by two. Beam angle is 140°.

Aladdin ALL-IN is overall a very lightweight lighting solution. It consists of the flexible rollable panel itself, the X-bend metal support, small DMX adapter and the battery or AC adapter. On the backside of the panel, there is a small built-in dimmer in the center. The panel can be controlled through smartphone app via Bluetooth connection or with an optional wireless remote control.

The free app is available for both iOS and Android and it can fully control the Aladdin ALL-IN panel. The app can set the temperature and intensity of the bi-color setup or pick any color from the RGB spectrum and from the gels selection.

In the filter (gel) mode, there are around 30 different gels. Users can pick from them based on the names and colors of the most popular Lee and Rosco filters. To use a certain color repeatedly on a different set, users can even create and save their own filters (color presets) after picking any color from the RGB spectrum.

There are special effects included in the app as well. For instance strobe, fade, police car, TV, flicker, welding, fire, etc. The effects can also be further tuned (intensity, color) to suit the specific needs of the light design on each set.

The Aladdin ALL-IN panels can be controlled by wireless motion detection as well. Motion control is provided with the app and the optional remote control. Users can control dimming or color temperature with a tilt movement of their hand. There is no further information about how the motion control works and how accurate and reliable it is. Personally, I am a bit skeptical about its usability on a real set, but I would be willing to test it.

When it comes to diffusion, Aladdin offers a simple one, which fits right on the panel (it lays directly on the LEDs). They also offer softbox with or without a solid frame for the light.

Both sizes of the Aladdin ALL-IN light panel are available now and they are priced somewhere between $700 US and $1,200 US depending on the version and size.

What do you think of the new Aladdin ALL-IN light panels? Are you considering adding it to your kit as a portable lightweight on-the-go light? Let us know in the comments underneath the article.


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