Apple updates Final Cut Pro X & tries to win back the pros

Final Cut Pro XIn a new marketing effort Apple promotes Final Cut Pro X‘s strengths to win back professionals.

When Apple released their completely reworked editing software Final Cut Pro X in 2011 many users and lots of professionals were upset as the previous Version 7 was abandoned.

clipsexpanded_960You might remember that Final Cut Pro X was often referred to as “iMovie Pro” because it lacked many features required by professionals and offers a more automated approach to editing. Some have switched to a different editing system, others are still using Final Cut Pro 7, but many have remained skeptical.

radicalheroSince its release Apple has released several updates to add some required features back into the software and with their newest update they are also pushing out a marketing campaign to win back the hearts of professionals.
On their “in Action” page Apple displays several articles/portraits by industry professionals who use Final Cut Pro X and explain why they think it’s awesome.

The latest update adds support for Sony’s F5 & F55 4K AVCHD codec and an option to display Arri Alexa Log-C files with rec.709 gamma.

Those are definitely good moves to convince people that they haven’t forgotten the pro’s, but on the other hand Final Cut Pro X in its core is still, like most Apple products, an application that seems to run things in its own way requiring the editor to adjust, not the other way around.

What’s new in version 10.0.8

– Support for Sony XAVC codec up to 4K resolution
– Option to display ProRes Log C files from ARRI ALEXA cameras with standard Rec. 709 color and contrast levels
– Resolves an issue where some third-party effects generated green frames during render
– Resolves performance issues that could occur with certain titles and effects
– Time reversed clips render in the background
– Ability to use key commands to adjust Clip Appearance settings in the timeline
– Ability to view reel number metadata located in the timecode track of video files
– Mono audio files in a surround project export with correct volume levels
– Drop zones no longer reset to the first frame of video after application restart
– Fixes a performance issue which resulted from selecting multiple ranges on a single clip
– Fixes an issue where the Play Around function did not work properly on certain clips when viewed through external video devices

Have you tried the Final Cut Pro X trial yet?
Are you more convinced that Final Cut Pro X might become ok after all?
What is missing/wrong with Final Cut Pro X?
What’s the best alternative to Final Cu Pro X?
Let us know in the comments.

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