Aputure EZBox+ – Super Cheap And Color Accurate LED Light Gets Modifying Makeover

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Aputure EZBox+ - Super Cheap And Color Accurate LED Light Gets Modifying Makeover

Aputure has announced a new modifying kit to their Amaran HR672 and 528 lights. The EZBox+ is a frame, soft box and 35degree grid that gives you much more control over your super cheap and color accurate LED light.

The new EzBox+ is a response from Aputure from the high levels of requests they received from users looking for a light modifying kit for their Amaran panels.

Whilst this maybe quite a specific item to write about, I wanted to take the opportunity to highlight the specific lights themselves, as they’re one of the few products out there that manage to combine true affordability and color accuracy.

Enter all camera gear analogies here: Buy cheap, buy twice/ you get what you pay for/ Cheap Fast Good – Pick just two (albeit gear doesn’t always fit the fast part), then throw them out the window.

Aputure Panels break the mould in offering affordable LED lighting that has fantastic color accuracy. Just Check out Ryan Walters glowing review of the Aputure LED line:

The review touches on a few subjects including the lack of relevance CRI is for modern LED solutions. For more on this and considering Extended CRI, check out this other video.

Aputure Amaran EzBox+_2Back to the new product, the Ezbox+ works with Amaran HR672 and 528 lights only, not the Lightstorms or smaller on-camera panels.

It mounts via ears on the side of the light and is a three step process. The frame adds a small amount of direction as well as forming the foundation to the modifier.

Coupled with the diffusion front the frame makes up a softbox, increasing the size of the light by 1.5 times and therefore creating a softer cast.

The final part is the 35 degree crate, which gives the light more direction (35 degrees more funnily enough).

If you haven’t already I’d strongly recommend checking out the Aputure Amarans. I own the HR672D and find its a great affordable lightweight solution, the fact that they run off Sony NP-F batteries also can make them an easy investment for beginner filmmakers.

Here’s the Amaran HR672 in action as a backlight. I used a make-shift softbox and some velcro solution for this look; the EZBox+ will be a warmly welcomed accessory.


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