Aputure INFINIBAR 4-Light Kits and New Accessories Launched – First Look

Aputure recently launched 4-light kits for their PB6 and PB12 two- and four-foot INFINIBAR linear lights, along with a couple of new accessories to power and rig these compact LED lights. The kits come in rolling Pelican-style hard cases with everything you need inside, including a power adapter with a 4-way splitter that can charge all the lights in or out of the case. So, let’s take a closer look at all of these!

In February 2023, Aputure released the INFINIBAR pixel bars, a lineup of linear LED lights consisting of three fixtures: the PB3, which measures 1ft/30cm; the PB6, which measures 2ft/60cm; and the PB12, which measures 4ft/120cm. These RGBWW pixel bars feature a built-in battery. You can control and animate their pixels/lighting zones via the SidusPro app, wireless or wired DMX, but the main advantage is that you can attach and connect multiple lights together to create interesting shapes and larger LED lights. If you want to learn more about the INFINIBAR, my colleague Graham did an in-depth review here.

At launch, the INFINIBAR pixel tubes were available to purchase individually or as an 8-kit option for the two-foot and four-foot versions. During Cine Gear 2024, Aputure announced two new INFINIBAR 4-light kits, which are lighter and more manageable for one-man-band filmmakers to carry.

Aputure INFINIBAR 4-light set with tripods
Image credit: Aputure

Aputure INFINIBAR 4-light kits – features

The Aputure INFINIBAR PB6 and PB12 4-light kits are 50% lighter than their 8-light counterparts but still come with everything you need to start shooting right out of the box, including:

  • Four Aputure INFINIBAR PB6 or PB12 pixel tubes.
  • Four light control grids.
  • Eight 1/4″-20 mounting hooks.
  • Four INFINIBAR clamp to baby pin adapters.
  • Four straight connectors so you can attach and rig multiple lights together.
  • All of the power cables and adapters to charge and power the INFINIBARs.
  • A 330W power adapter and a 4-way splitter cable. This allows you to charge all lights simultaneously, outside or inside the case, which is handy.
Inside of the Aputure INFIBAR PB12 4-light kits
Inside of the Aputure INFIBAR PB12 4-light kits. Image credit: Aputure

All the Aputure INFINIBAR 4-light kits come in a rugged rolling hard case with pre-cut foam to transport and store your kit safely and efficiently.

New accessories for the Aputure INFINIBAR pixel tubes
New accessories for the Aputure INFINIBAR pixel tubes. Image credit: Aputure

New Aputure INFINIBAR accessories

Alongside the 4-light kits, Aputure released multiple new accessories for the INFINIBAR ecosystem. If you have numerous INFINIBARs, you’ll be excited by the new Passive Connectors that allow you to create light patterns/shapes.

The Aputure INFINIBAR passive connectors.
The Aputure INFINIBAR passive connectors. Image credit: Aputure

Aputure introduced three flat connectors: a 3-way, a 4-way, and a 6-way. All connectors include short 5.5mm DC jumper cables to distribute power to your INFINIBAR array.

The Aputure INFINIBAR Tilting Mounting Bracket
The Aputure INFINIBAR Tilting Mounting Bracket. Image credit: Aputure

Next is a small INFINIBAR 1/4″-20 collapsible tripod base to vertically set up your pixel tubes. Talking about rigging, Aputure introduced an INFINIBAR Tilting Mounting Bracket to mount your fixtures to walls via a minimum of two screws, and adjust their tilting angle up to 90°.

The INFINIBAR Battery Power
The INFINIBAR Battery Power. Image credit: Aputure

Furthermore, two new powering options have been introduced for the INFINIBAR ecosystem. The first one is the 330W power adapter kit, which is included with the 4-light kits and allows you to power and charge up to 20 Aputure INFINIBARs simultaneously.

Lastly, the INFINIBAR Battery Power Station is a 24V V-mount battery solution that can take 14/26/28.8V V-mount batteries and output up to 200W of DC power. This Battery Station allows you to power your INFINIBAR array externally without needing mains power, which will be handy on set.

Image credit: Aputure

Price and availability

All of these new Aputure INFINIBAR products should be available this month. The Aputure PB6 4-Light Kit retails for $2590/€2660, and the PB12 4-Light Kit is $2790/€2866.

The Battery Power Station is $135, the Power Adapter kit starts at $219 and $250 with the extension cables, the 1/4″20 collapsible tripod base is $29, the Tilting Mounting Bracket is $40, and the passive flat connectors are $55 each.

For more information, please visit Aputure’s website here.

What do you think about these new INFINIBAR 4-light kits and accessories? Did you already shoot with the INFINIBAR? What accessory would be the nicest addition to your kit? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

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