Aputure Nova P600C Accessories and Lighting Modifiers Announced

At Cine Gear 2022, we discussed all the recently released Aputure Nova P600C accessories and lighting modifiers with product marketing manager Brandon Le. So let’s take a closer look at all the new barn doors, softbox, space light, and much more for the Nova P600C!

The Aputure Nova P600C was launched in March 2022 – you can watch our in-depth review here – and is the big brother of the original Nova P300C. This 600W 2×1 RGBWW LED panel was designed to compete with industry-standard ARRI Skypanel S60-C and 2×1 Litepanels Gemini.

Even if the Nova P600C has a built-in soft diffuser, Aputure recently released an entire lineup of accessories and lighting modifiers dedicated to its new 2×1 panel, which we covered extensively.

Aputure Nova P600C accessories and lighting modifiers

Out of the box, the Nova P600C has an excellent light output which is pretty soft thanks to the built-in diffuser. However, it can be hard to control the light spill of soft light, or perhaps you’d like to soften it even more for beauty shots.

The four-leaf barn doors for the Nova P600C. Image credit: CineD

Here is the complete list of accessories Aputure released for the Nova P600C:

  • Four-leaf barn doors. They come with a Fabric Light Leak Covers to eliminate light spills from the side.
  • A collapsible softbox that turns the fixture into a 3×1 panel. It comes with a carrying bag and a 45° light control grid.
  • Something quite unusual for LED panels is a Space Light modifier. It comes with a black skirt to control the light spill.
The 45° metal grid attaches to the front of the Nova P600C. Image credit: CineD
  • A thin 45° metal grid that attaches directly to the front of the light. Aputure plans to release 30° and 60° metal grids.
The dual-head yoke. Image credit: CineD
  • If you need to mount two Nova P600C on top of each other, you can grab the dual-head yoke that creates a 60x60cm/2x2ft light source with a total output of 1200W.
  • A pole-operated yoke for studio configurations.
45° metal grid and rain shield protector. Image credit: CineD
  • And a rain shield to protect the fixture from rain drops. It attaches to the Nova P600c via a metal structure that slides into the light’s dedicated accessory slot.

Price and availability

All the new accessories for the Aputure Nova P600c are now available for pre-order on B&H and should start shipping. However, the space light, 45° metal grid, pole-operated yoke, and rain shield will begin shipping in late Q2/early Q3 2022. Pricing is as follows:

For more information, please visit Aputure’s website here.

What do you think about these new lighting modifiers for the Nova P600C? Did you already use the Nova P300C or P600C on set? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments down below!

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