ARRI Remote Solutions – Near-Set and Off-Set Camera and Lighting Control Tools

ARRI Remote Solutions - Near-Set and Off-Set Camera and Lighting Control Tools

ARRI Remote Solutions presents a customizable toolkit allowing productions to remotely operate ARRI cameras and lights from anywhere in the world. It includes near-set and off-set workflows for optimal social distancing and safety for broadcast, cinema, and live events.

The past 12 months we witnessed a great change in our industry. In order to reduce physical human contact, many productions were canceled or had to totally change their workflow. My colleague Richard wrote an interesting article about the pandemic-connected developments and changes, so make sure to check it out – Is Remote the New Normal for Broadcast, Production, and Post?

The Munich-based camera manufacturer ARRI presented a new Super35 broadcast camera a few days ago – the ARRI AMIRA Live. Like many other companies in the film industry, ARRI reacted to the changing environment and the increasing difficulties of producing due to the Covid-19 pandemic: the company presents ARRI Remote Solutions. Let’s take a look at it!

ARRI Remote Solutions

Remote Solutions. Source: ARRI

The ARRI Remote Solutions enable professionals to remotely control ARRI cameras, lights, remote heads, and accessories. It’s a toolkit that can be customized to meet near-set and off-set workflows for broadcast, cinema, live events, or any other type of production. It was developed for workflows that enable safe social distancing between talent and crew as well as between crew members.

Remote Solutions Diagram. Source: ARRI

This is actually not an entirely new product by ARRI. How I understand it, the company wanted to re-organize and round-up its existing remote control offers in an integrated system. These offers include for example ARRI Stellar that was already presented in 2018. Stellar is an intelligent lighting control app from ARRI that provides a smart and innovative way to control ARRI light fixtures. It allows gaffers to change color temperature and output without touching lights or approaching talent.

Remote Solutions – Stellar. Source: ARRI
Near-Set Remote Solutions. Source: ARRI
Off-Set Remote Solutions. Source: ARRI

ARRI Remote Solutions further include the WCU-4 wireless hand unit along with the ERM (External Radio Module) for a complete lens control from a greater distance and through barriers such as concrete floors or walls. The SRH (Stabilized Remote Head) enables remote control of the camera’s movement and can be combined with a robotic dolly AGITO for near-set movement without approaching talent.

Last but not least, web control allows cinematographers and gaffers to control the camera and lighting from anywhere in the world. If you are interested in knowing more, you can schedule a Live Demo directly on the ARRI Remote Solutions website.

Did you have the chance to work with any of the near-set or off-set remote systems from ARRI? Do you think remote productions are here to stay even after the pandemic? Let us know in the comments section underneath the article.

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