Atomos CONNECT and Shogun CONNECT 7 Introduced

Here at NAB 2022, the buzzword of the show seems to be Cloud. Everything is connected to the cloud, everything is available anywhere, all the time. Atomos does not make an exception to this rule with the launch of its all-new products Atomos CONNECT and Shogun CONNECT.

Atomos has launched two new products to not only store captured footage on a local SD card or SSD drive, but to push it directly to the cloud, so crew members can edit and review the footage elsewhere (and immediately): Atomos Connect and Shogun Connect. Bringing it all together is the new Atomos Cloud Studio suite.

We had the chance to meet up with Atomos and talk about these new products.


The Atomos Connect is a module for users of the Ninja V and Ninja V+ monitor/recorder. Just plug it into your Ninja V/V+ and off you go. This is modularity at its finest because you don’t have to upgrade, of course, but if you need camera-to-cloud (C2C) functionality or other cloud services, this is the module you’re looking for. And since the Ninja V has been around for quite a while now, it’s really nice to see that there are still new modules and thus upgrades for this nifty device.

The Atomos CONNECT covers the entire back of the Ninja V/V+ and provides a battery plate to power both devices. The Atomos Connect combines some of the existing modules into one compact add-on module. It provides the functionality of the original Sync module and adds a 12G-SDI connector to the back of the Ninja. It also provides two antennas for WLAN connectivity and a 1GBit/s Ethernet port for wired Internet access.

Atomos CONNECT. Image credit: CineD

Atomos’ new Atomos Cloud Studio lets you connect, sync and control (via AirGlu™) all the devices on set. But the kicker is that you can also use other online services from within the Atomos Cloud Studio suite, such as C2C (Camera-to-Cloud).

The beauty of this is that the entire workflow really leverages the best of both worlds: Use the Ninja V/V+ to record high-quality camera media, such as various RAW formats depending on the camera you’re using, but at the same time, the Atomos Connect creates low-bandwidth proxy files for sharing across the Atomos Cloud Studio network. With Atomos’ new progressive transfer protocol, clips are transferred to the Cloud Studio even before the camera is stopped. From there, the files are then further distributed via C2C, if needed.


The Shogun Connect is of a different caliber. It is a fully integrated unit that includes both a fully-fledged Shogun 7 monitor/recorder and the aforementioned Connect module. So it is a streamlined unit rather than a bolt-on attachment. With this unit, you can easily use C2C workflows for your projects.

Atomos Shogun CONNECT. Image credit: CineD

The Shogun Connect also sports an SDI output, which the Atomos Connect module does not. There is also an HDMI input and output on the back of the unit. The screen has a 2,000-nits panel with high brightness (the same panel as the Shinobi 7). The Shogun Connect will co-exist with the current Shogun lineup, so you have the choice of whether or not you need the additional network connectivity.

Pricing and availability

The Atomos Connect module for Ninja V/V+ costs $399, while the fully-fledged Shogun Connect unit is $1299. Both products will be available this June.

By then, the Atomos Cloud Studio service will also be launched. The first three months will be free, after that you can choose a plan that suits your needs. Pricing is not fully set yet, but there will also be a free plan for some basic features. Using the Cloud Studio will also support streaming directly to popular video platforms.

Link: Atomos

What do you think? Is C2C something you’d like to leverage for your projects? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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