DJI Action 2 Released – Tiny Modular Action Camera with 4K120

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DJI Action 2 Released - Tiny Modular Action Camera with 4K120

DJI Action 2 is a new tiny modular action camera that offers an ultra-wide-angle lens, waterproof design, rugged aluminum body, magnetic accessories and modules, and OLED touchscreen. It can record 4K 4:3 video in up to 60fps or 4K UHD in up to 120fps in H.265. The camera comes in different configurations and offers a whole ecosystem of add-ons and accessories. The price starts at $399.

For years, the action camera market has been dominated by one US-based company: GoPro. Other companies, such as Sony, have tried to get a market share but eventually gave up. I would say the two strongest contenders for GoPro, are currently the two Chinese companies – Insta360 and DJI. When it comes to DJI, the company released its first action camera, the DJI Osmo Action, back in May 2019 (you can take a look at our review and a comparison with the GoPro HERO7). The Osmo Action was a nice product that matched the quality of the GoPro HERO7 in many ways, but since the California-based company releases a new action camera every year, it is now already kind of outdated. Well, today is the day DJI releases its successor – DJI Action 2. I was able to test the camera for more than a week, so I encourage you to read and watch my review in my other article here. Spoiler alert – the camera is very impressive. Now let’s take a look at its specs and features.

DJI Action 2 – modular design

Action 2 Modular Camera. Source: DJI

DJI Action 2 looks nothing like the previous Osmo Action. The camera itself is much smaller and it features a magnetic modular design, so you can add various accessories to enhance its functionality. Apart from the camera unit, DJI Action 2 comprises various modules – the front touchscreen module, power module, and various mounting peripherals – which can be interchanged.

Action 2 Modular Camera. Source: DJI

The camera module only weighs 56 grams and its dimensions are 4x4x2.2cm. It has a built-in battery and a built-in 32GB storage. The body is dustproof, waterproof up to 10m depth, and drop-proof. The aluminum chassis feels really robust and premium and it acts as a heatsink for the internals. The camera has a 1.76-inch OLED touchscreen at the back which is protected with Gorilla Glass. The same screen is used on the front touchscreen module.

Large sensor and ultrawide lens

For Action 2, DJI used a 1/1.7″ sensor – the same size as the DJI Pocket 2 sensor. This is larger than most other action cameras, such as the GoPro HERO 10 that has a 1/2.3″ sensor. The lens is wider than the previous Osmo Action – it offers 155-degrees FOV. A newly implemented color temperature sensor helps the camera restore color tones in complex lighting conditions and underwater recording for more natural results.

Action 2 Modular Camera. Source: DJI

Video modes – 4K only

Despite the larger sensor, the resolution tops at 4K. The highest video resolution possible is the 4K 4:3 mode (4096 x 3072) which is available in up to 60fps. For slow motion, the 4K UHD is available in up to 120fps, and FullHD can be cranked up to 240fps. The video modes are available in H.265 and the less demanding ones in H.264 as well. The color profiles available are Normal and D-Cinelike. The camera can also take raw DNG photos in up to 12MP.

Action 2 Modular Camera. Source: DJI

Electronic stabilization, battery life, audio

The camera uses DJI’s RockSteady 2.0 electronic image stabilization and newly also a HorizonSteady for even more stable and leveled shots. According to DJI, the built-in battery has a runtime of up to 70 minutes. The front touchscreen module expands this to up to 160 minutes, and the connected power module expends the runtime to 180 minutes.

Action 2 Modular Camera. Source: DJI

Using Action 2 with the front touchscreen module also incorporates DJI Matrix Stereo technology seen in DJI Pocket 2. The single microphone from the camera unit combines with the three microphones from the module to record audio from every direction. The SnapShot feature allows users to start filming instantly by holding the power button down.

Intelligent features

Like every product from DJI, the Action 2 is also packed with a variety of automated features:

  • Slow Motion: Record video in slow motion (4x in 4K/120fps and 8x 1080p/240fps).
  • Hyperlapse and Timelapse: During Hyperlapse recording, you can switch to and from regular-speed recording for more creative options.
  • QuickClip: Set the device to take short 10, 15, or 30-second videos for social media.
  • Livestream: Use DJI Action 2 to broadcast a livestream with a stable stream output of up to 1080p/30fps.
  • UVC: Utilize DJI Action 2 as a USB video device class (UVC) for your computer for conference calls and live gaming broadcasts.
Action 2 Modular Camera. Source: DJI

DJI Mimo App

DJI Mimo App. Source: DJI

DJI Mimo app connects with the Action 2 via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for more functionality, including a live feed of the camera, various story templates, and more. For users short on time or new to content creation, Mimo includes an intuitive editor, which automatically selects and combines recorded moments with transitions and music, creating videos for social media.

Modules ecosystem

As I mentioned above, DJI has a whole ecosystem of add-on modules for Action 2. They use magnets and some of them also have special side locks to hold the resulting combo together securely. DJI offers the following accessories:

  • Action 2 Front Touchscreen Module: A front-facing OLED touchscreen and three built-in microphones bring 4-mic Matrix Stereo technology, which allows you to compose videos or selfies and record better audio. It also prolongs battery life and adds USB-C port as well as memory card slot.
  • Action 2 Power Module: It prolongs battery life and adds an additional microSD card slot. A hot-swappable design means you can change between power modules for all-day power.
  • Action 2 Magnetic Lanyard: You can wear it under a t-shirt and capture moments from a first-person view.
  • Action 2 Magnetic Ball-Joint Adapter Mount: An adhesive base allows users to attach DJI Action 2 to any surface and fix the camera in any direction. A standard 1/4″ screw hole is compatible with most camera accessories.
  • Action 2 Magnetic Adapter Mount: This mount securely holds DJI Action 2 in place during extreme sports or demanding scenarios. It includes folding fingers at the bottom to use Action 2 with most third-party (GoPro) action camera accessories.
  • Remote Control Extension Rod: A versatile 3-in-1 accessory serves as an extension rod, tripod, and detachable remote controller.
  • DJI Floating Handle: A hollow design helps keep DJI Action 2 floating so you can film in water without fear of losing the camera. An anti-slip grip makes it easy to hold, and the handle can be attached to a tripod or the DJI Action 2 Waterproof Case.
  • Action 2 Waterproof Case: The Waterproof Case houses DJI Action 2 Camera Unit and front touchscreen module or power module to depths of up to 60 meters.
  • Action 2 Magnetic Headband: Another hands-free alternative that allows users to shoot videos in a first-person view.
  • Action 2 Macro Lens: This optical glass with multi-layer coating attaches magnetically over the camera unit lens, enabling close-up shots.
Action 2 Modular Ecosystem. Source: DJI


DJI Mic. Source: DJI

For even better audio with the Action 2 (or any other device with a 3.5mm audio or USB-C input), DJI introduces the DJI Mic. It is a wireless dual-channel recording system, much like the Wireless GO II from RØDE.

DJI Mic. Source: DJI

DJI Mic has a recording range of up to 250 meters and is compatible with Action 2, smartphones, and any device that has a 3.5mm audio input. It offers 5.5 to 7.5 hours of battery life from the transmitters, 5 hours from the receiver, and 15 to 18 hours from the charging case.

Action 2 with the DJI Mic. Source: DJI

Price and availability

Action 2 comes in two different sets:

  • DJI Action 2 Dual-Screen Combo is available for purchase starting today. It includes the DJI Action 2 Camera Unit, Front Touchscreen Module, Magnetic Lanyard, Magnetic Ball-Joint Adapter Mount, and Magnetic Adapter Mount. The price for this combo is $519 (between €519 and €549 including VAT in Europe).
  • DJI Action 2 Power Combo is available for purchase from the end of November. It includes DJI Action 2 Camera Unit, Power Module, Magnetic Lanyard, and Magnetic Adapter Mount. The price is $399 (between €399 and €419 including VAT in Europe).
Action 2 Modular Camera. Source: DJI

All other accessories will be sold separately.

What do you think about the new Action 2? Do you have experience with the Osmo Action or the new GoPro HERO 10? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section underneath the article.


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