DZOFILM Tango 18-90mm T2.9 and 65-280mm T2.9-4.0 Zoom Lenses Now Available

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DZOFILM Tango 18-90mm T2.9 and 65-280mm T2.9-4.0 Zoom Lenses Now Available

DZOFILM is expanding their Zoom Series lens lineup with the Tango lens duo, the Tango Zoom 18-90mm T2.9, and the Tango Zoom 65-280mm T2.9-4.0. Tango means that the two zoom lenses play together, just like a couple doing the tango dance. Both lenses cover S35 sensors and can be equipped with an optional servo unit.

At NAB 2023, we had a first look at the DZOFILM Tango Zoom 18-90mm prototype (the T stop has changed from T2.8 to T2.9 since then). You can watch our show floor coverage video here. Since then, DZOFILM has completed the second Tango Zoom lens, the 65-280mm T2.9-4.0 to complement the 18-90mm lens. The two lenses offer a great focal range at an affordable price.

Lens characteristics

Both zoom lenses incorporate a parfocal lens design and have been treated with a multi-layer anti-reflective coating to give the lenses a blue flare. The iris is made of 16 blades which will give you a very round and smooth bokeh. Focus breathing is said to be minimal, and the image is “moderately sharp”. Both lenses are color-matched to closely complement each other (contrary to some other recently released affordable zoom lenses). Moreover, distortion and chromatic aberration should be well controlled with these lenses.

DZOFILM Tango 18-90mm T2.9 lens with matte box and lens motors
DZOFILM Tango Zoom 18-90mm cine zoom lens. Image credit: DZOFILM

On the outside, the zoom lenses have 0.8 pitch gears to interface with lens control accessories like the available servo unit. All markings on the 18-90mm and 65-280mm lenses are made with fluorescent ink to be easily readable in dark environments.

The focus ring has both metric and imperial markings on the barrel. Both lenses cover S35mm sensors with an image circle of 31.5mm.

You can find all the details about the DZOFILM Tango Zoom lenses in our CineD Lens Database.

DZOFILM Tango zoom lens spec sheet
DZOFILM Tango Zoom lens spec sheet. Image credit: DZOFILM

Optional servo unit

DZOFILM partnered with Movcam to offer a servo unit that fits both zoom lenses. The servo unit provides full lens control for broadcast environments, enabling remote focus, zoom, and iris control. The servo unit also features a zoom rocker to allow for local servo zooming directly at the lens.

DZOFILM Tango zoom lenses with movcam servo unit attached
Tango Zoom lenses with optional MOVCAM Servo Unit. Image credit: DZOFILM

Assuring precise and accurate control of focus and zoom, the Tango Zoom lenses both feature a back focus adjustment ring to allow adjustment of the back focus without the need for shims.

Price and availability

The DZOFILM Tango Zoom 18-90mm T2.9 zoom lens retails for $8,599 and the Tango Zoom 65-280mm T2.9-4.0 lens retails for $10,999. Both lenses come inside a hard case. You can also purchase both lenses in a set for $17,999 and save some money.

DZOFILM Tango lens inside of custom hard case
Every Tango Zoom lens comes with a custom hard case. Image credit: DZOFILM

All Tango Zoom lenses will start shipping in the middle of September 2023.

You can find more information about the DZOFILM Tango Zoom lenses at the manufacturer’s website.

Are you planning on buying the Tango Zoom lenses? What are your thoughts on these two lenses? Do you own DZOFILM lenses and what is your experience with using them? Please share your thoughts and leave a comment below!

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