DZOFILM Vespid Retro Prime Lens Set Launched – Vintage Image with Golden Coating

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DZOFILM Vespid Retro Prime Lens Set Launched - Vintage Image with Golden Coating

DZOFILM has just launched a new set of cinema prime lenses: the Vespid Retro. These lenses are sold as a set of seven and are similar to the original Vespid primes but feature a new golden coating. This special coating will give you a “vintage look” with all the benefits of modern lenses. So let’s take a closer look at these!

Chinese lens manufacturer DZOFILM started releasing cinema lenses in 2019 with their Linglung zoom lenses for MFT cameras. The least we can say is that they built a solid reputation quickly thanks to their Vespid lineup of Full Frame cinema primes, the Pictor Zooms for Super35 sensor cameras, and the Catta Full Frame zooms that we reviewed here.

During IBC 2022, we had a chance to take a first look at the new DZOFILM Vespid Retro primes. The company held its promise, and the Vespid Retro seven-lens set is now shipping.

DZOFILM Vespid Retro features

The DZOFILM Vespid Retro lens set consists of seven lenses: a 16mm T2.8 and 25/35/50/75/100/125mm T2.1. All lenses come in a distinctive silver housing made of aluminum for a weight of less than 1,000g per lens.

Now let’s make one thing clear, looking at the exterior, all the mechanics and features of the Vespid and Vespid Retro are similar. So, in a nutshell:

  • 46.5mm image sensor coverage – the lenses cover Full Frame sensors easily
  • 270-degree focusing rotation
  • User-interchangeable lens mount – you can choose between PL and Canon EF lens mounts
  • A constant focus/aperture ring placement makes lens swaps a breeze
  • The outside diameter is 80mm, and the front filter thread is 77mm

If you ever shoot with the DZOFILM Vespid, you’ll feel at home with this new set.

Image credit: DZOFILM

New golden coating

The Vespid Retro features a new golden coating that adds a “charming amber hue,” according to the manufacturer.

Shot with the Vespid Retro. Image credit: DZOFILM

This golden coating creates a cool-blue-toned image with an amber hue, especially visible on lens flares.

The golden coating is well visible on the lens flares. Image credit: DZOFILM

Also, this kind of warm coating is usually very flattering on skin tones.

Image credit: DZOFILM

Price and availability

The DZOFILM Vespid Retro set is a limited edition, only sold as a set for $18.999. The seven lenses will start shipping in a nice carrying case by the end of this month.

If you do the maths, each Vespid Retro lens is around $2,714. That could sound expensive compared to the $1,399 individual retail price for the “classic” DZOFILM Vespid.

For more information, please visit DZOFILM’s website here.

What do you think about these new Retro cinema primes? Do you often shoot with “vintage-looking” lenses? Did you already shoot with DZOFILM lenses? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments down below!


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