FXLION NANO Wireless V-Mount Batteries Introduced

FXLION NANO Wireless V-Mount Batteries Introduced

FXLION has just released an upgraded version of its famous NANO series of V-Mount batteries: the NANO wireless. Like the previous model, three models with capacities ranging from 50Wh to 150Wh will be available. As their name suggests, these new batteries have a built-in wireless charger to charge your phone. So let’s take a closer look at these compact V-Mount batteries!

The 50Wh FXLION NANO ONE V-Mount battery was introduced in June 2019, and it has been very popular among filmmakers and content creators thanks to a compact form factor and versatile power input/output ports. Later, the company released the NANO TWO and NANO THREE models with more significant capacities while keeping the same form factor, only increasing the depth of the batteries.

If it works, don’t fix it, and it’s always hard for a company to return to the drawing board to improve a product that had massive success. However, the time has come, and FXLION has just released a new version of its NANO batteries: the NANO wireless.

FXLION NANO Wireless – features

The FXLION NANO wireless lineup consists of three models, similar to the previous generation: the NANO ONE wireless, NANO TWO Wireless, and NANO THREE wireless. All three V-Mount batteries have similar functionalities, including:

  • 14.8V V-Mount batteries.
  • The NANO ONE wireless has one D-Tap output, one USB-C power input/output port, one USB-A output, and one micro-USB power input.
  • The NANO ONE wireless measures 10.1×7.2×3.9cm / 3.97×2.83×1.53in for a weight of 330g/11.64oz.
Top and right sides of the NANO ONE WIRELESS
Top and left sides of the NANO ONE wireless. Image credit: FXLION
  • The NANO TWO wireless and NANO THREE wireless feature two D-Tap outputs, one USB-C power input/output port, and one USB-A output.
  • The NANO TWO wireless measures 10.3×7.4×5.9cm / 4.05×2.91×2.32in and weighs 540g/19.04oz.
Top and left sides of the NANO THREE WIRELESS
Top and left sides of the NANO THREE wireless. Image credit: FXLION
  • The NANO THREE wireless is 10.3×7.4×7.7cm/4.05×2.91x .03in and tops the scale at 780g/27.51oz.
  • The maximum power output of the USB-C port is 60W, and the maximum load is now 20A/3V compared to 20V/2.2A for the previous generation. You can charge the batteries via the USB-C port without a dedicated V-Mount battery charger.
The NANO WIRELESS features a status screen and a 4-level LED indicator
The NANO wireless features a status screen and a 4-level LED indicator. Image credit: FXLION
  • A small LCD screen in front of the batteries shows you the battery life and load of the different power outputs. There is also a 4-level LED indicator to show you the remaining battery life.
  • Built-in protection circuit that protects you against over-current, over-charge, over-discharge, and over-heat situations.
  • The batteries can run in temperatures ranging from -20°C up to 55°C.

As you can tell, the NANO wireless looks similar to its predecessors and offers the same power output port. The main improvement is around the USB-C power input/output port.

FXLION NANO WIRELESS built-in wireless charger can charge your smartphone
The FXLION NANO wireless built-in wireless charger can charge your smartphone. Image credit: FXLION

However, as their name suggests, the NANO wireless has a built-in wireless charger. This charger is on the front panel, allowing you to charge your phone with a maximum power output of 15W.

FXLION NANO wireless series specifications

Pricing and availability

The batteries are shipping now (We will update the article with B&H and CVP buy links as soon as they get those in stock). Price-wise, the NANO ONE wireless will be sold for $189, the NANO TWO wireless for $269, and the NANO THREE for $375.

We will update this article when we get additional information regarding the availability and price of those new LXLION wireless batteries.

For more information, please visit FXLION’s website here.

What do you think about these new WIRELESS versions of the FXLION NANO? Is the wireless charging feature useful for you? Did you already shoot using FXLION V-Mount batteries? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments down below!


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