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November 9th, 2021 Jump to Comment Section - AI Color Grading in the Cloud Released

Finally out of beta, is a cloud-based color grading platform that uses deep learning algorithms to enhance the look of your footage. Experienced colorists, independent filmmakers, and beginners can quickly and easily design, collaborate, and finish their projects all inside of their browsers. This ACES color-managed system simplifies the process and gives everyone the tools they need to take their work to the next level.

CineD fully covered following their beta release earlier this year, and we’re excited to see that the service is up and running.

With the ever-changing film industry constantly demanding quicker turnarounds and more content, a system that can automate functions and connect creatives is exactly what we need. That is what aims to offer.

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The basic concept of is simple. Users upload either stills, clips, or fully locked outputs to The system uses its exclusively trained model to analyze the material and generate a 3D LUT.

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The engineers at combed through millions of cinematic frames to design an AI that bridges the gap between the technical challenges of color grading and your creative vision. This collaborative, cloud-based workflow allows teams to work together from anywhere, with any skill set. 

It gives project heads, who know what they want but not how to accomplish it, a space where they can test and tweak looks before putting everything into the hands of an experienced finisher. – features and tools

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  • Color Match – Allows you to match shots and cameras with a single click
  • Subtractive Color model – Allows you to accurately emulate the behavior of film
  • ACES Print film Emulations
  • Magic mode – The most intuitive way to color grade
  • In-app commenting and approval system
  • World-class colour grading and monitoring tools
  • GPU acceleration for every single control and tool

Since the system is accessed through your browser, it is fully cross-platform for Mac, Windows, and Linux and requires minimal system specs to get up and running. – pricing

Starting with a free plan for users to evaluate the platform, has different pricing packages for everyone.

Pricing: Pro plan – $19/month; Team plan – $49/month. Also, you get a 15% discount on annual payments. For more information visit their website directly.

We were just notified that for the first 500 subscribers, is offering 50% off for the entire lifetime subscription (So if you select the yearly pro plan you pay $96 for the entire year instead of $192 and on a monthly plan $9.5 instead of $19). Please note that add-ons like additional users are not included in this special offer.

An editor’s take

Color grading will find support from AI systems in the future without question. The nuances, and approach of the world’s most talented colorists are apparently something that can be taught to a machine. 

Adobe has already started to incorporate Auto Tone, an algorithm-based automatic color grading tool, into Premiere Pro. Blackmagic has had its Color Match tool, a color chart scanning feature, in DaVinci Resolve for years.

Image credit: is something a little different, though. It opens up the role of a colorist to those without any experience. 

If you know what you want but NOT how to get it, this system could be the perfect jumping point for you to begin to grade your project. If you’re a producer who works with teams all over the world and you need to approve looks on the go, this could be exactly the tool to keep you on schedule.

For a seasoned editor, AI color grading should be a wake-up call that the professional colorist’s role will continue to shrink, and your editing tasks will continue to grow. Our endless push for screen content instead of visual art and storytelling has lead us down this path. It is up to us whether AI will be a tool we use to improve our craft, or if we close our eyes and simply click.

Image credit: is now out of beta, and fully available for everyone to try and use. Head over to their website for more information and to get started today.

How do you feel about AI-based color grading? Do you think you’d use a service like on and of your next projects? Let us know in the comments below.

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