Hedén Group Releases YMER-3 and Cine RT Distance Integration

March 19th, 2021 Jump to Comment Section
Hedén Group Releases YMER-3 and Cine RT Distance Integration

Hedén Group, the Swedish manufacturer of the high-end YMER-3 follow focus system, just announced that they worked with PLC Electronics Solutions and Focusbug to connect their VLC-3 receiver with the Focusbug Cine RT. This update allows you to view the distance data from a subject on your follow focus hand unit’s display. Let’s take a closer look at it!

The Focusbug Cine RT is a wireless ultrasonic rangefinder. In short, this kind of devices gives you the distance between a sensor and the object it is pointed at.

Focusbug CINE RT system. Image credit: Focusbug

It helps focus puller daily to nail their focus more accurately. We first heard of this device during Inter BEE 2019, and you can read our in-depth article here.

Hedén YMER-3 base kit. Image credit: Hedén Group

On the other hand, the Hedén YMER-3 is a high-end wireless control system for Focus / Iris / Zoom. The base package consists of a hand unit, a receiver, lens rings, and cables start at $7895 without motors. You probably got it; it is mostly a rental-only wireless follow focus system.

Both companies make complimentary products, so they partnered (with PLC Electronics Solutions) to connect the Focusbug Cine RT and the Hedén YMER-3 together so you can have distance data directly on your follow focus hand unit.

Hedén YMER-3 Integration with Cine RT

With this integration, the distance data from the Focusbug Cine RT system can be shown in the display of the YMER-3 handset. Also, as you can see in the video above, the AUX button on the YMER-3 handset can be used to activate focus tracking based on the distance data.

Of course, this kind of system is very directive and not as versatile as autofocus systems on modern cameras with electronic lenses. But this kind of system and devices are made to help focus pullers and not replace them. So, for very limited use case, it is an option to have autofocus while using cinema lenses.

According to Hedén Group:

The Cine RT link cable connects the r/s port of the VLC-3 receiver to the Cine RT base sensor’s serial port. The cable has a pass-through for the r/s function so that users can connect both an r/s cable to the camera and the Cine RT simultaneously.

The focus tracking function is very direct with a very low delay; it is possible to filter the focus tracking data to select a smooth or more direct control.

You can also combine the cable with our Cine RT sensor pan bracket and mount and pan the horns with any of our motors.

Hedén Group

Price and Availability

This update is free and available now. However, you’ll need a Cine RT integration cable which is available now, but there is no information about pricing.

The Cine RT integration is compatible with YMER-3 with the latest firmware. To update the firmware, send a request with the receiver and handset’s serial number to [email protected]. The latest version, instructions, and the software to update the unit will be emailed to you.

A cable to update the receiver is included in the YMER-3 system and the supplied USB key can be used to update the handset. A Windows PC will be needed for the update. For more information, please visit Hedén Group’s website here.

Did you ever use a rangefinder to help you focus? Do you think autofocus for cinema lenses could be the future? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments!

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