NANLITE Alien 150C & 300C LED Panels Explained

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At NAB 2024, NANLITE has announced the Alien 150C and 300C LED lights. The emphasis of these lights is to provide powerful RGBWW LED panel lights with weather resistance. They feature an updated LED lens and can be controlled with CRMX, DMX, or an app. Let’s take a look!

Some LED lights are so thin and lightweight that they may not be the best choice when working outside in the elements. That’s why NANLITE has introduced their brand new Alien panel lights. On the show floor at NAB 2024, my collegue Nino paid a visit to the company’s booth to learn more about these fixtures from NANLITE’s Barry Garcia.

The NANLITE Aliens have landed

Appropriately debuted near the home of Area 51, NANLITE introduces a couple of high-powered LED panels that look like “the greys” from the back panel. They are designed to operate in tough conditions and are IP55-rated, so they can get wet.

The lights also come with a cover to keep the power supply dry. The power supply works on 14.8V or 26V V-mount batteries, or plugged into AC power. These fixtures were specifically designed with broadcasters in mind, but they also work well in studio.

NANLITE Alien rain cover
NANLITE Alien rain cover. Image credit: CineD

Each fixture comes with a softbox. The Alien lights are a little smaller than you’d expect from typical cinema lights. This is because they are meant to go on location and be loaded in and out quickly. The lights feature a full RBGWW color engine.

Nanlite Alien
NANLITE Alien 300C. Image credit: NANLITE

New LED layout

The LEDs are “split.” According to NANLITE, this allows for a better mixing of “warm and cool lights,” without compromising on output. The LEDs are covered with a 60-degree lens to deliver a more focused output for punching through diffusion.

NANLITE Alien LED array
NANLITE Alien LED array. Image credit: NANLITE

NANLITE didn’t share any specifics for the amount of output that these panels produce, but, according to Barry, it’s a lot. These lights seem to be similar in style to the Creamsource Vortex. Indeed, they appear to have a sturdy yoke and robust cabling which is appropriate for on-location work.

Price and availability

The NANLITE Alien 300C and 150C will be available around June 1st. They will retail for around $1,499 and $999, respectively.

For more information, visit NANLITE’s website here.

What do you think about the new NANLITE Alien RGBWW LED panel lights? Do you often shoot outdoor under inclement weather? Let us know in the comments below!

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