New Feature on CineD: Public User Profile

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New Feature on CineD: Public User Profile

You asked, and we are finally delivering: as of today CineD users have a Public User Profile page to introduce themselves and their business. As a CineD user, you can now connect with other users by including your social media accounts and your personal and/or professional website and are also able to see all comments by a user.

With today’s introduction of the Public User Profiles, we give you, our filmmaking community, a way to connect with other users on

public user profile mockup
Sample Public User Profile Page

Short Bio

First impressions are everything – apart from your profile picture, you can introduce yourself and your business with a few sentences. Keep it short but impactful so other users quickly get a good impression of who you are.

Social Media Connections

Users can now contact you through various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Just add your social media URL so others can get in touch with you. Don’t forget to add your personal and/or professional website so people can check out what you do when you are not reading or commenting on CineD articles.

All Comments by a user in one place

Speaking of commenting – we think it’s important to stand behind what you say or write, especially on the web. That’s why we believe it’s a significant feature to show all comments by a user in one place, in reverse chronological order. Accountability is an essential part of your presence on the web and in real life, including on CineD.

Where do I find my and other users’ Public User Profiles?

You can access and edit your own User Profile by logging in to and clicking on the “Profile” button in the top right corner. There you can view and edit your profile.

Profile button in menu bar top right
Profile Button top right

When you see a comment by a user you would like to find out more about, then you can simply click on the username or avatar to get to the user’s profile page.

When clicking on a comment listed on the profile page, you are taken to the original article where this comment was posted, so you can see it in context.

You can also share your Public Profile by copying the profile’s URL.

location of public user profile URL
Your Public User Profile URL while viewing your User Profile Page

Guys, what do you think of this new feature? Do you want to share feedback on the new Public User Profiles? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts, wishes, and ideas.


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