Nutrition on Set – We Need to Talk

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Nutrition on Set - We Need to Talk

Good nutrition on set is important for the human body. Is it possible to eat healthy when working on a film set? Do productions provide good food for the crew? What are your tips and tricks for a quick snack when the schedule is really tight? I would like to hear your opinions in the comments section.

When it comes to the power source for filmmaking equipment – batteries – the general idea is to get good quality ones, preferably original battery packs from the device’s manufacturer. On paid gigs, the reliability of the gear is everything – you do not want the camera failing on you in the middle of the shoot. But what about the camera operator? And other crew members? How to keep them well “powered”? It seems to me that, unfortunately, the topic of nutrition on set rarely gets discussed in the film industry.

nutrition on set
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Nutrition on set – it’s important!

In my opinion, nutrition is much more important for human health in the long run than most people think it is. That’s what I have been trying to keep in mind for the past years. Having said that, working in the film industry does not always allow one to eat healthy. Or does it?

Working long hours on sets with short food breaks and eating only what the production provides might be limiting. Sure, there are usually more choices, but there might not be a suitable option for everyone.

nutrition on set
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Gluten-Free, vegetarian, vegan

More often than not, there are multiple people in the crew who don’t eat certain foods. It is the responsibility of the production to provide enough options for these people. From my experience, as a vegan, some productions do better than others.

Usually, they are trying to provide suitable meals, but it is not always possible. It also happened a few times that the vegan option was not available anymore because someone else felt like eating a vegan meal that day. Do you have some food restrictions? Do you have some good or bad experience in regards to meal options for your diet on set?

All-in-One powder meals

When the schedule gets really tight, sometimes it is small snacks that can save the day and provide some energy while saving time. When you don’t have the time for a proper meal, do you go for the simple sugars or maybe some fruit and nuts?

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An alternative for those tight days might be an all-in-one food in a powder that gets mixed with water and consumed as a shake. Nowadays, there are many different brands out there – Huel, Mana, etc. Some of those even claim to be 100% plant-based. Do you have any experience with these? Do you think it is better than eating some quick snack?

What is your experience with crafty? Are you on a certain diet? Do productions provide you with high-quality food that is acceptable for your diet? Or do you sometimes have to take your own snacks or meals to the set? What are your tips for good nutrition on set? I really do hope to start an active discussion in the comments section. Maybe some of our colleagues can find useful tips and advice here. Please feel free to let us know your thoughts below.

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