Panasonic LUMIX Cameras – Interview with Product Planner Koyama-san

We are continuously exploring our industry by sharing interviews we do with manufacturers’ key positions – the ones behind closed doors planning the next generation of cameras, that you usually don’t casually meet and get to ask questions. This time, we headed to Panasonic’s headquarters in Kadoma, Osaka (Japan), and had the opportunity to sit down with Masanori Koyama-san, head of the planning team for the LUMIX line of cameras. I hope, you enjoy this friendly 26-minute long comprehensive conversation and satisfy your curiosity when it comes to knowing more about the development of these new cameras.

The Panasonic LUMIX line of cameras has been part of our production arsenal since 2007 with the introduction of the GH1. Later in 2018, Panasonic announced the LUMIX S1 and S1R, their first full-frame cameras. Some of the cameras in the LUMIX line were okay, while others were excellent. A camera like the GH5 will always be remembered as a monumental piece of equipment due to its “industry first” features in mirrorless cameras, such as 4K/60p, 1080p 180fps slow motion, and 10-bit internal recording. I am not exaggerating by saying that Panasonic was the first company to emphasize video recording in mirrorless cameras for the benefit of filmmakers.

LUMIX GH line of cameras
LUMIX GH6 and its legacy. Image credit: CineD

The last to join this distinguished family of Micro Four Thirds cameras was the LUMIX GH6 (here are our review and our Lab Test). In this interview, next to general questions about the LUMIX line of cameras, I went a bit deeper with questions asking Koyama-san about the GH6 itself and some of the features it has and/or doesn’t have.

Masanori Koyama-san
Masanori Koyama-san. Credit: CineD

Here is a full line-up of questions we discussed:

1:23 – Product planning team
2:04 – Process of creating a camera
4:16 – Planning the GH line
11:09 – GH6 and its strongest selling points
13:13 – AF System
16:17 – Internal ND System
18:34 – GH6’s shape
20:18 – Two camera lines: L mount and MFT
21:38 – Is there another pocket-sized camera, such as GH1, planned?
23:38 – Future prospects for the GH line cameras

What do you think Panasonic should bring to the market next and which feature is your beloved LUMIX camera still missing? Please share with us your thoughts in the comment section below.


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