Prolycht Orion 300 FS Light – New Firmware V2 and Black Friday Offer

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Prolycht Orion 300 FS Light - New Firmware V2 and Black Friday Offer

Prolycht Orion 300 FS is an RGBACL full-color LED light fixture that offers a light temperature from 2.000K to 20.000K, hundreds of Lee/Rosco filter colors, and quite impressive 31.090lux output at 1m (3.2ft). The light just got a firmware update v2.02.09 that improves color accuracy at low intensity, adjusts the sensitivity of the selection knob, and more. For Black Friday, the company will also be offering a free third Orion 300 FS for every purchase of two lamps.

Back in June 2021, we wrote about a relatively young Chinese lighting company called Prolycht which debuted with an RGBACL full-color LED light called Orion 300 FS. The RGBCAL means that the fixture includes six different types of LED chips: Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Cyan, and Lime. This helps with fine-tuning the small ranges within the available light spectrum. Now, the Prolycht Orion 300 FS light got a firmware update V2.02.09 and the company also published this year’s Black Friday deals. Let’s take a look at the details.

Prolycht Orion 300 FS RGBCAL LED
Orion 300 FS chip. Source: Prolycht

Prolycht Orion 300 FS firmware v2.02.09

The new firmware v2.02.09 is based on user feedback and in continual development according to Prolycht. It adds the following features:

  • adjusted sensitivity of the selection knob
  • improved color accuracy at low intensity
  • adjusted fan speed to reduce fan noise
  • improved real-time self-calibration
  • smoothed color tuning control when using third party apps such as Blackout and Luminaire 3
  • improved DMX settings can now be adjusted on ballast when fixture remote connected via DMX
  • reduced delay when running multiple fixtures by app
  • improved battery power management

The firmware update is available on the Prolycht website.

Black Friday 3-for-2 offer

For this year’s Black Friday, Prolycht decided to roll out with a 3-for-2 offer on the Orion 300 FS. As the name already implies, this means that buying two fixtures, will get you a third one for free. The offer is valid from Friday, November 26th through Friday, December 3rd.

Orion 300 FS 3-for-2 Black Friday offer. Source: Prolycht

This actually makes sense as having three lights in a kit makes for a solid three-point interview lighting setup. Prolycht also offers a variety of light modifiers for the lamp – including Lantern Softbox, Dome Softbox, and 2x Fresnel. Having the “industry-standard” Bowens Mount in the front, of course, allows you to mount any compatible light modifier.

Price and availability

The Prolycht Orion 300 FS has been available for a while now and the price has been set to $2.150 (around €1.900 plus VAT in Europe) so that means during the Black Friday offer, you will get three lights for $4.300. The light comes in either V-Mount or Gold Mount version. The standard package includes the lamp head, ballast, power cords, the standard reflector, a security cable, and a carrying case.

Orion 300 FS kit. Source: Prolycht

As I mentioned above, Prolycht also offers a comprehensive range of modifiers, including a 2x Fresnel lens ($320), projection lens with gobos ($350), dome softbox ($190), lantern softbox ($90), barn doors, and reflector.

Orion 300 FS kit. Source: Prolycht

Do you have any experience using the Prolycht Orion 300 FS? What do you think about the new firmware update and the 3-for-2 Black Friday offer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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