QooCam 8K – The World’s Smallest 8K 360 Camera

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Kandao has launched the world’s smallest 8K 360 camera. The QooCam 8K offers 8K 10-bit video up to 200Mbps at 30fps and 4K at up to 120fps.

Kandao 8K – Image source cinema5D

I’ve been using the original QooCam for about a year. I’m also using the Insta360 One X and have used the Insta360 One before that. However, there’s two things that have been holding me back. The first thing I’ve been waiting for is 8K in an affordable, accessible 360 camera. The second thing is 10-bit video encoding at high bit-rates (something that also really needs to come to smartphones very soon). The fact is, 8K is really a minimum to capture a full 360 with sufficient detail and clarity. QooCam has delivered this and more with the QooCam 8K.

Let’s take a closer look.

QooCam 8K Specifications

  • 1/1.7 ’’ 20MP Sensors
  • 7680*3840@30fps ∣ 10bit ∣ H.265 200Mbps (max)
  • 3840*1920@120fps
  • 6-axis gyro, IMU sensor and advanced stabilization
  • Realtime RAW Mode (photos)
  • 2.4” Touchscreen
  • Built-in 3000mAh battery
  • Built-in 64GB internal memory
  • External SD card support (up to 256GB)

These are some serious specs for a compact 360 camera that’s aimed at the consumer creator.

Larger Sensors and “Realtime RAW”

Kandao claims that the QooCam 8K achieves APS-C level image quality, a first in a 360 camera of this size. This is down to a new image processing pipeline and a pair of 1/1.7″ 20MP sensors, with 246% larger area than the sensors in the original QooCam.

The QooCam 8K can capture 12-bit DNG raw images, and a new computational imaging process combines multiple exposures to get one 16bit DNG and JPG, resulting in less noise, higher dynamic range.

High Frame Rate 4K 120p and Super Steady Stabilization

The QooCam 8K allows action to be captured at 120fps in 4K for even smoother, immersive 360 experiences. A 6-axis gyro and IMU for electronic stabilization eliminates camera shake for cinematic smooth video. This may well make the camera a great choice as an action camera.

Power and Storage

An internal 3000mAh battery should keep the camera running for plenty of time but making it removable could have been a good idea. Having the ability to swap out the battery for a charged one while on the run would be useful for a lot of people. Having said this, Kandao has incorporated 64GB of internal memory, with a microSD card slot for additional memory. This is a great feature because the camera is immediately usable right out of the box.


A 2.4″ OLED touch screen makes the QooCam 8K entirely operable without a smartphone. Clips can be reviewed on screen as well as menu functions and camera status information.

Pro 360 Camera Specs in a Consumer 360 Camera Body

For the first time, professional specifications such as 8K 10-bit video at high bit rate has been incorporated into a consumer 360 camera. This may make the QooCam 8K more of a “Prosumer” 360 device. This is a camera that should be capable of high end results in the right hands, and at the same time be easy enough to use for anyone wanting to capture the world around them.

These are the details released so far. Take a look at the QooCam 8K webpage for more information. We will be reviewing the camera in full, so stay tuned for more on the QooCam 8K.

Have you used the original QooCam? What do you think about the QooCam 8K? Let us know in the comments

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