RAW 5D MKIII low light footage for download [UPDATE: Pulled]

March 7th, 2012


Apparently Tonis got his hands on a 5D mark III and shot this quick test. He did focus his test on the one technical aspect of the camera that will settle the buying decision for many: The Image/Sensor quality. Has the 5D mark 3 overcome the moiré and aliasing problems inherent to all previous Canon HDSLR’s?

Unfortunately the footage is out of focus most of the time and only lets us guess what we want to know, but it’s a start.

From the Vimeo description:
This is as random of a low-light, jello, moire and aliasing test as I could set up in few hours, texture wise at least :)..

Pure raw touch-and-go footage directly from a $30 16G low end CF card.

… hopefully no-one will be in such of a(n un)real ISO3600 situation with all those patterns around.

Notice how 3600 ISO kind of “bands” in the direction of camera movement when the worst of moire would have occured on the stapled grid screen.

This was shot at @ 50th of a second under pulsing fluorescent lights.
The in camera settings were set to “factory defaults” so there might be room for improvements.

Remember: this was shot hand held with 85mm lens to pronounce camera movement.


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