RED V-RAPTOR Announced – First Camera of the DSMC3 Lineup

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RED has just released detailed information about the first camera of the DSMC3 lineup. Please welcome the RED V-RAPTOR. Featuring an 8K Vista Vision sensor capable of capturing motion at up to 120fps, the camera is now available for purchase at $24,500.

While we were all waiting for RED’s Live Stream event, the company decided to skip it and just show a picture of the new RED V-RAPTOR instead, redirecting to their website. A live Q&A session with CEO of RED Jarred Land is still scheduled for today at 2PM Pacific Daylight Time.

Despite this little joke, the announcement is actually pretty exciting. In fact, the RED V-RAPTOR is the first camera of the long-awaited DSCM3 lineup. Let’s take a closer look.

RED V-RAPTOR: a large format camera

The camera features an 8K Vista Vision sensor that offers the possibility to shoot in 8K large format and 6K Super35 crop mode. Other crop modes, like 4K and 2K, are obviously still available.

The company claims that the V-RAPTOR has the highest recorded dynamic range and fastest sensor scan times ever on a RED camera. We are looking forward to pushing this camera through our CineD Lab Test procedure.

Talking about frame rates, the camera can shoot at an impressive 120fps in 8K, 240fps in 4K and 480fps in 2K when using the 17:9 mode. An exceptional frame rate of 600fps can be reached in 2K using the 2.4:1 mode.

Just like the RED Komodo, this new model has a native Canon RF mount, which allows for a wide choice of full frame-lenses, and it feature phase-detection autofocus.

The RED V-RAPTOR features an 8K Vista Vision sensor. Source: RED

DSMC3: goodbye RED Mini Mags

The camera offers 16-bit REDCODE RAW recording at a maximum data rate of 800 MB/s. This is made possible by the use of the RED PRO CFexpress card, developed jointly with Angelbird. Yes, no more RED Mini Mags.

We can also confirm that the camera relies on the simplified REDCODE RAW compression ratios (HQ, MQ, LQ) first introduced with the RED Komodo.

RED V-RAPTOR front view. Source: RED

Other confirmed specifications

As it could be expected from the teaser pictures, the RED V-RAPTOR can be powered via the V-Mount battery on the back of the camera, while the right-hand side of the body features an integrated 2.4” LCD for camera control.

The V-RAPTOR also has strong I/O tools. It features dual 4K 12G-SDI ports, a 5-pin XLR input, wi-fi connectivity and a multi-purpose 9-pin EXT port (for timecode input as well). Moreover, a USB-C port for wired control has been added on the back.

RED new camera teaser image
RED V-RAPTOR back view. Source: RED Facebook page

Fresh form factor

As it was clear from the first teaser picture, the camera features a fresh form factor which is more similar to the Komodo rather than the old DSCM2 lineup.

The design is compact, rugged, water, and dust resistant. The body is made of aluminium: it measures 6 x 4.25 inches and it weighs 4 pounds.


RED V-RAPTOR Starter Pack bundle

Along with the body-only option, a pre-bundled Starter Pack is also available, including:

  • DSMC3 RED® Touch 7” LCD
  • RED® PRO CFexpress 660GB Card
  • RED® CFexpress Card Reader
  • 2x REDVOLT® MICRO-V Battery Pack
  • RED® Compact Dual V-Lock Charger
  • 2x V-RAPTOR™ Wing Grips
  • EXT to T/C Cable
RED V-RAPTOR Starter Pack Bundle. Source: RED

Price and availability

The new white stormtrooper version of the RED V-RAPTOR is available now on the RED website, but only while supplies last. Retail price is $24,500. The black version will be available in larger quantities by the end of 2021.

The RED V-RAPTOR Starter Pack comes at $29,579.99, while a Production Pack option with a wider accessory package will also be available later this year. Moreover, an XL version of this camera, designed for studio configurations and high-end productions, will be coming in the first half of 2022.

Last but not least, the company also announced that a RED® RF-PL Adapter with an electronic ND filter will be available soon.

What do you think about the new RED V-RAPTOR and DSMC3 lineup? Let us know in the comments below.


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