RED Komodo Update – Price, Pre-Release Custom-Color Version, PDAF

RED Komodo Update - Price, Pre-Release Custom-Color Version, PDAF

RED Komodo is getting close to its release. While we still don’t have final confirmed specs of the camera, we now know the price will be around $7.000 for Stormtrooper (white) edition and around $6.000 for the regular black version which comes after that. Before Stormtroopers, RED will ship limited custom-colored Komodos for $7.000 or slightly above that. According to Jarred Land, this will happen already on June 1st, 2020.

RED Komodo Stormtrooper version will cost around $7.000 Source: RED

When hunting for new information about RED Komodo, in addition to, Jarred’s social media accounts seem to be the right place. Recently, Jarred Land, president of RED Digital Cinema, posted some useful information regarding RED Komodo on his Instagram account.

It has been a while since we last posted an update on RED’s latest compact cinema camera. Since then, there have been a few interesting updates, so let’s get into it.

RED Komodo – Sale Starts with Limited Pre-Release Colored Version

In his post on Instagram, Jarred wrote that the production of RED Komodo is back on track after the interruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the new safety protocols, it is, however, going much slower. Jarred further wrote that in two weeks, RED will start selling the first batch of cameras in “super limited low quantities”. The post was written on May 17, so I suppose this will start on June 1, 2020 (as May 31 is a Sunday).

Now, these cameras will be pre-release versions with custom colored housing. Jarred said, that hardware is finalized, but in terms of firmware, there might still be some bugs that will get ironed out with later updates. Some of you might already know that RED usually starts selling a new camera in a white version – called Stormtrooper. These cameras are coming even before Stormtroopers.

Jarred said anyone interested in getting one of these early colored pieces, should write him an e-mail. It is not clear at this point, whether the early adopters get to choose the color of the housing or if RED just ships a random color.

The colorful Komodos are not new. We have already seen the green BAYHEM Komodo for Michael Bay and the custom orange/red version for Lana Wachowski.

RED Komodo – Price

Now, speaking of price, in the same Instagram post Jarred said that the Stormtrooper (white) RED Komodo will cost around $7.000 and the regular black version (which comes after that) will cost around $6.000.

When it comes to the price of the pre-stormtrooper colored version, Jarred said: “Everything got way more expensive cause of this whole virus thing but I’m gonna hold these custom colors to the stormtrooper price for as long as I can.” This means the first custom-colored Komodos could cost slightly over the $7.000 mark.

Jarred confirmed multiple times that the special discount for Hydrogen owners still applies to the regular black RED Komodos that will come after the Stormtroopers. It has not been yet disclosed how much the discount will be. Early on, Jarred said that for Hydrogen owners, the Komodo should cost under $5.000. He also confirmed this few times in the process. It remains to be seen if this gets unaffected by the current circumstances.

So again, the only way how to currently pre-order the RED Komodo is to contact Jarred Land directly at [email protected].

More RED Komodo Footage

The following Komodo-related news were announced a bit earlier already, but I decided to include them in order to have a complete cinema5D coverage of the process since my last update on Komodo. Roughly a month ago Jarred Land shot Brad Pitt for the opening video of Saturday Night Live show with the RED Komodo.

Jarred said he shot this with the Komodo with the SIGMA cinema 50-100mm zoom lens.

RED Komodo – Phase Detect Autofocus Demo

A bit over a month ago, Jarred posted a short demonstration of the Komodo’s Phase Detect Autofocus (PDAF) on his Instagram. It is quite interesting as it also shows the touch interface of the Komodo.

The main thing that still remains undisclosed about the RED Komodo are the official specs. We get a pretty good picture of the camera’s capabilities from what Jarred said over the months. For those who are pre-ordering the camera right now, an official list of specs would be nice though. Here is a roundup of known specs (from my previous article):

  • New Super 35 6K sensor that features global shutter and rolling shutter modes as well as Phase Detect Auto Focus
  • Max Resolution: 6144×3240 (full sensor with DCI aspect ratio)
  • Max Framerate: 6K FF @ 40fps, 6K WS @50fps, 4k @60fps shouldn’t be a problem, there should be 48fps modes available
  • Anamorphic Support: Yes, but it will not be officially available till around two months after initial release
  • Codec Support: Internal Compressed RAW (REDCODE RAW, R3D), unknown if other codecs are supported as of now
  • Lens Mount: Integrated Canon RF Mount. Jarred said they are doing the EF protocol first, so native support for RF lenses will most likely not be there at launch.
  • Media Type: CFast 2.0 (body features a media slot compartment w/ door). Jarred later said they are also testing CFexpress for future use, but for Komodo they decided to stick with CFast 2.0.
  • Power Options: Dual slot Canon BP style batteries (various capacities) with hot swap and ability to run off one battery, DC input 12V (LEMO), Lower power draw than DSMC2
  • Camera Control: Integrated Touch Screen, On Camera Buttons, Some sort of Smartphone Interface, WiFi Control, EXT Port
  • Monitoring: Top Side Pogo Cableless Display Tech, 4K 6G or 12G SDI Out
  • Audio: Mic In 3.5mm jack, Headphone Jack, Internal Scratch Mic
  • Camera Cooling: It appears there’s an internal heat sink and fan w/ vent
  • Form Factor: < 4x4x4″ with magnesium/aluminum alloy body
  • Body Weight: < 2lbs
  • Buttons/Indicators: on/off switch, power/status indicator, record button, tally light, menu, menu selection up/down, funtion set, playback (probably toggle), 2X eject buttons for batteries, media compartment open
  • Wireless Camera Inteface/Control: WiFi w/ Antenna
  • Mobile Phone Support: Android and iOS
  • Rigging: 1/4″-20 around Pogo, 4X M4 around front of camera, 1X M3 for focus hook, general base plate form factor of DSMC2-style bodies

What do you think of the RED Komodo so far? Will you be pre-ordering the camera? Do you own the RED Hydrogen to qualify for the discount? Let us know in the comments below the article.


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