RED KOMODO-X Firmware Update 1.1.0beta with Face-Detection Autofocus Now Available

October 20th, 2023 Jump to Comment Section
RED KOMODO-X Firmware Update 1.1.0beta with Face-Detection Autofocus Now Available

RED recently released a new beta firmware update for the RED KOMODO-X, version 1.1.0beta, that adds many new features and media recording supports. However, the main addition to this beta firmware update is the face-detection autofocus feature, which is compatible with Canon RF and EF lenses via an adapter. So, let’s take a closer look at everything new!

The RED KOMODO-X was introduced in May 2023, not as a replacement to the original KOMODO, but as a “proper” member of the RED DSMC3 lineup of cameras with a new 6K global shutter image sensor, increased recording framerates up to 6K80p, a CFexpress Type B slot instead of CFast 2.0, a built-in V-Lock battery mount, and much more.

Right on the heels of the RED V-RAPTOR that recently got a beta firmware update version 1.6.1 that also added face-detection autofocus capabilities, the RED KOMODO-X is receiving the same favors with its 1.1.0beta firmware update.

RED KOMODO-X firmware update version 1.1.0beta – what’s new?

The RED KOMODO-X firmware update version 1.1.0beta adds many new interesting features to the compact cinema camera, the most significant addition being face-detection autofocus. This feature will only work with native Canon RF autofocus lenses and Canon EF lenses via a Canon RF to EF lens adapter. Here is the complete changelog of this firmware update version 1.1.0beta:

  • Added Face Detection Auto Focus.
  • Added Onboard LCD User Pages.
  • Added In-camera Online Firmware Upgrade method.
  • Added Advanced Image Flip Selection.
  • Added Function Toggle.
  • Added Top Buttons Modes.
  • Added Operations Guide QR Code.
  • Added ISO Display Mode Gain (dB).
  • Added multiple Calibration management.
  • Added mDNS host name discovery.
  • Added Web UI for S3 credentials.
  • Added Remote Shutdown command.
  • Optimized Recording Mode UI.
  • Changed Project Settings “Format” to “Sensor Format”.
  • Added OWC Atlas Ultra 1TB/2TB support.
  • Added SanDisk PRO-CINEMA 640GB support. Please note that a warning message will now appear when using the camera with unapproved Media.

Pricing and availability

You can upload the firmware update version 1.1.0beta for the RED KOMODO-X directly on RED’s website, free of charge.

What do you think about the addition of face-detection autofocus to RED cameras? Did you already have the chance to try the autofocus features on RED cameras? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

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