RED V-RAPTOR Gets Timelapse and ProRes Recording via Firmware Update

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RED V-RAPTOR Gets Timelapse and ProRes Recording via Firmware Update

RED recently released firmware 1.2.0 (Beta) for their new V-RAPTOR. This update adds a new Timelapse mode as well as support for ProRes recording. The Beta Build of this new firmware is now available to download for free from RED’s website.

It’s now been a little over two months since the announcement of RED’s new camera: the V-RAPTOR.

Considering its set of impressive features, it looks like RED has been working hard on this camera. However, some key functions, such as ProRes recording, were missing upon release. Such tools are now incrementally being added via firmware updates. So let’s take a quick look at what’s new with the Beta update.

The RED V-RAPTOR features an 8K Vista Vision sensor. Source: RED

RED V-RAPTOR: Timelapse and ProRes recording

Along with some minor bug fixes, the latest firmware for the RED V-RAPTOR (Beta Build 1.2.0) brings two major features to the camera: Timelapse Mode and ProRes recording. These two functions were already supported on the old DSMC2 lineup, so we’re not looking at anything entirely new here.

The RED V-RAPTOR has impressive slow-motion capabilities, being able to top out a maximum of 120fps in 8K, 240fps in 4K, and 600fps in 2K (2.4:1). Using the new Timelapse Mode, it is now possible to lower the frame rate to 1fps in order to achieve a fast-motion effect.

One of the biggest drawbacks of using REDCODE RAW is that shooting at a lower resolution than the sensor’s introduces a crop factor. However, up to this day, REDCODE RAW was the only available option for V-RAPTOR users.

The introduction of ProRes recording is a huge improvement in this sense since it allows downsampling of 8K 120fps full-frame images to 4K or 2K while still avoiding the inevitable crop factor that comes with REDCODE RAW.

RED V-RAPTOR firmware update announcement. Source: @instajarred

Furthermore, while the KOMODO only supports ProRes 422 and 422 HQ, its bigger sibling can also shoot in ProRes 422 LT, 4444, and 4444 XQ.

Being a RED KOMODO user myself, I heavily rely on ProRes recording, especially when working on a tight schedule.

RED KOMODO: Timelapse mode coming soon

ProRes recording has been supported on the RED KOMODO for quite some time now, but shooting time-lapses with this camera is still not possible to this day.

However, according to comments posted by RED’s CEO Jarred Land on his Instagram profile, this feature is coming soon. Indeed, it should be available for KOMODO users by the end of November.


Price and availability

If you are a RED V-RAPTOR owner and want to test out these new recording modes, you can already do so. In fact, the firmware is now available for download from RED’s website for free for all users.

Are you a RED V-RAPTOR owner? Install the new firmware today and share your experience in the comments below!


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