RigWheels Kraken Released – A Heavy-Duty Cinema Camera Car Mount System

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RigWheels Kraken Released - A Heavy-Duty Cinema Camera Car Mount System

American manufacturer RigWheels has just released a heavy-duty car mount system for cinema cameras: the Kraken. With a maximum payload capacity of 175lb/79kg, compatible with 75mm/100mm Mitchell and Flat-base tripod heads, the Kraken is a versatile and ready-to-go system that fits in a custom Pelican 1610 with wheels. So, let’s take a closer look at it!

When it comes to mounting a camera on a moving vehicle, and especially a car, there are many solutions on the market. A single suction cup mount such as the Kessler Lamprey or RigWheels Mag-Tight can do the job for a lightweight mirrorless or cinema camera. However, things can get a bit more complicated for heavier cameras, as you can’t rely on only one suction cup.

Systems such as the Tilta Float & Hydra Alien are perfect for follow-up shots. But, if you want to shoot the person inside the car, this is a different story. Of course, a camera car might be your best bet if you have a large budget. Suppose your budget is more realistic, and you need to rig a cinema camera on the actual car. In that case, you’ll need to assemble multiple suction cups for extra stability and safety, which can quickly turn into a Lego grip game.

To make things easier and more streamlined, RigWheels released the Kraken, an all-in-one car mount system with all the necessary bits and pieces.

RigWheels Kraken base

Let’s start by discussing the core piece of this system and where your camera attaches: the Kraken base. The base has a 10″/25.4cm suction cup with a low suction alarm that will ring if the pressure gets low.

The RigWheels Kraken base
The Kraken base. Image credit: RigWheels

On the base, four 3.25″/8.25cm stand-offs attach to a RigPlate. Then, two RigPlate hinges are mounted to a RigPlate Pro, which allows you to adjust the camera angle quickly and easily. The top of the RigPlate Pro features a 75mm bowl mount, but it can be swapped to an optional 100mm bowl mount, a Mitchell mount, or a Flat mount to suit the tripod head you have.

The Kraken rental kit. Image credit: RigWheels

RigWheels Kraken rental kit

To further secure and stabilize your camera, you’ll need to add extra mounting points to your vehicle. To simplify things, RigWheels released a rental kit consisting of the base and four additional stabilization points.

The RigWheels Kraken rental kit
The Kraken rental kit. Image credit: RigWheels

The rental kit includes twelve 3.25″/8.25cm stand-offs/Baby-Pins, four 6″/15.25cm stand-offs, 9.5″/24cm and 19″/48cm stabilization rods, four 4.5″/11.4cm suction cups, eight grip heads, all the strap/safety gear, and a custom Pelican 1610 wheeled case.

Image credit: RigWheels

According to RigWheels, the Kraken rental kit has a maximum payload capacity of 175lb/79kg, which is more than enough to support any cinema camera.

The RigWheels Kraken rental kit comes with an extra RigPlate to offset your camera
The Kraken rental kit comes with an extra RigPlate to offset your camera. Image credit: RigWheels

Furthermore, the Kraken rental kit comes with an additional RigPlate. This extension plate allows you to offset the position of your camera rig, which can be handy when shooting through the driver/passenger window, for example.

Pricing and availability

The RigWheels Kraken system is available for pre-order and should start shipping next month. The base retails for $999, and the rental kit with all the necessary pieces is $2,899. All pieces, including suction cups, stabilization rods, bowl adapters, etc., can be purchased individually. Until December 20th, you can get 20% off all pre-orders using the coupon code “kraken20.”

For more information, please visit RigWheels’ website here.

What do you think about this car mount system? Do you often rig cameras on moving vehicles? What is your favorite way to attach a camera to a car? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

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