RØDE Wireless Go – Compact Mic System

April 12th, 2019

We previously announced the RØDE Wireless Go system in early April and we had a chance to give the system a first hand look at NAB 2019. This compact TX/RX wireless audio combo requires only two small boxes to be up and recording audio for 7hrs. Check below for details including pricing and availability. 

Rode Wireless Go

RØDE Wireless Go

The Wireless Go features a 2.4 ghz digital transmission and built-in microphone transmitter in an ultra compact form factor. Rode promises pairing will take place in under 3 seconds and it did happen very quickly during the on-camera demo on the floor show in the less than optimal wireless environment of NAB. While the promised line of sight range of the unit is only 70m, RØDE says the Wireless Go is optimized for shorter range operation in tough RF and crowded WIFI environments.

Rode Wireless Go

At only 29grams each both the receiver and transmitter are very small, but if you are attempting to hide the transmitter/mic completely this may not be the unit for you. Of course you can connect a lav through a 3.5mm TRS port to the transmitter and hide the lav easily that way as well.  Ryan Burke from RØDE did have an interesting idea of branding the transmitter with your own logo and embracing the fact that it is noticeable. Something to consider.

Billed for “content creators on the go” this won’t replace kits with longer range capabilities, but as RØDE notes, it does seem to lend itself to V-loggers, to-camera, or onstage presenters, Youtubers and streamers of all kinds. The standard kit includes 2 x fur windshield, 1 x pouch, 2 x USB-A to USB-C cables and a 1 x SC2 cable.

Additional spec breakdown below:

For those who don’t have a professional audio background (I’m including myself in this category) this seems like a very fast and painless solution for getting quality wireless audio. 

Pricing: $199 for the kit Availability: Soon

What do you think about the quality of RØDE wireless microphone systems. Do they work well for you in the field? Please share with us your experience in the comment section below. 


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Rex Singleton
Rex Singleton
GuestApril 13th, 2019

How good is the audio compared to the Rode Link? I own 2 Rodelink sets, love the system, but the trans/receivers are big. This looks like 25% the size of the rodelink. I had a problem with 1 of the lav mics and they replaced it. Rode is a good company.

John Ta
MemberApril 28th, 2019

this looks excellent. I am curious about audio quality. THere is no windscreen on that thing

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