Sony a6300 Review – Real-World Video & First Impressions

Update: Head to our latest Sony a6300 reviews: lowlight test done by Nino and a comprehensive lab test done by Sebastian. 

Not long ago, the Sony a6300 was announced. After spending a day working with the camera, I am amazed at how far filmmaking technology has advanced in recent years. We’re barely into 2016 and already it is apparent that it is going to be an amazing year for tech lovers who are looking for new and affordable tools for expressing their creativity. For under $1,000, the Sony a6300 offers features which were previously unheard of in this price range. 4k (UHD) resolution, S-Log 2, S-Log 3, APS-C sensor size and an interchangeable lens system, full-HD slow motion, and up to 120 fps (NTSC mode) are all available on a budget, thanks to the a6300.

Sony a6300 lens

I’ve been playing with the camera a lot since I got my hands on it. In fact, I found it hard to put down once I’d picked it up! However, rather than drone on about my experience with the a6300, I’ve decided a quick summary of the pros and cons will be easier to digest. Please note that these are in no particular order.

Sony a6300 Pros:

  • XAVC S 4K (UHD) internal recording
  • 1080 100/120fps recording
  • Dual video REC allows video proxies for slower computers when editing
  • Excellent auto focus system in video shooting mode
  • High quality EVF/LCD
  • APS-C sensor and interchangeable lens system
  • Adjustable screen
  • World camera
  • Charging the camera via USB is possible
  • External audio recording (direct to the mic input in the camera or externally with Sony’s k1m/k2m XLR attachments)
  • Manual audio control
  • Plenty of customised button options including routing the REC button to a more convenient place
  • Connection of the camera to the mains power via the supplied USB charger and recording while charging the battery is possible
  • Battery life is good

Sony a6300 Cons:

  • No dedicated charger (charging the camera will eliminate you from using it until charging is done. Get an additional charger)
  • No headphone jack
  • Very stiff eye cap. Also, by the way of attaching it, it’s going to be very hard to replace with a better solution
  • EVF and LCD will go blank while connecting an external recorder/monitor via HDMI (only overly information will be shown in REC mode)
  • Somewhat noisy slow-motion (including Moiré effect)
  • Full HD video quality is soft
  • Noisy audio pre amps
  • Markers in the LCD and EVF are not aligned
  • Noticeable rolling shutter effect

My Conclusion:

For the price, the Sony a6300 is a really nice camera. I do wish that the higher framerate would have been a little cleaner and that it took the importance of audio a little more seriously. However, I do suppose there are limitations to what one can ask for when they’re choosing a camera in this budget. All in all, I would have the attest to the camera being a lovely tool for working with and I think it’d work well for both amateur and professional shooters—especially considering the price


  • Overheating did not raise its ugly head during the interviews that I shot but more investigation is needed before I can provide a real opinion on this matter
  • ALL gimbal shots were done in autofocus mode in order to test the new system. It’s very fast and accurate but please be aware that different lenses will give you different results. In those shots the Sony 16-35mm f/4 was used
  • Audio was recorded in camera. I really wish there was a headphone jack
  • I have not had a chance to test the camera’s low light capabilities yet but there’ll be a post coming shortly with regards to my experiences using the a6300 in low light, so keep your eyes peeled for that!


Camera picture profile used in this video: S-Log 2. Shot mostly on 800 native ISO, Edited on Adobe Premiere CC latest edition. Colour correction was done with FilmConvert a6300 camera profile.

Music by musicbed. Title used : Your Favorite Song by Katrina Stone

A huge thank you to Katharina Almer and Cornelia Rimser for allowing me to document a day in their professional life. Please support them in finding a sponsor for their sportive activity!


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