Sound Devices SL-2 Wireless Module and Firmware Update v6.00 for 8-Series Released

Sound Devices SL-2 Wireless Module and Firmware Update v6.00 for 8-Series Released

Following the Sound Devices SL-6 Wireless Module, Sound Devices introduced the smaller brother, Sound Devices SL-2 Dual SuperSlot Wireless Module for the 8-Series Mixer-Recorder. With 2 Slots, the SL-2 Supports up to 8 Wireless Channels, making it a compact one-unit sound bag. To support the SL-2, Sound Devices also released a Firmware Update v6.00 for the 8-Series Mixer-Recorder. 

Sound Devices 833 with the newly released SL-2 Wireless Module. Image credit: Sound Devices

Smaller One-Unit Solution

The newly released Sound Devices SL-2 Wireless Module is a compact and lightweight slot-in wireless receiver extension module for the Sound Devices 833, 888, and the Scorpio mixer-recorder. This two slot-in wireless receiver integration system easily mounts to the top panel of any 8-Series mixer-recorder. It accepts UniSlot and SuperSlot wireless receivers from manufacturers such as Audio Ltd, Lectrosonics, Wisycom, and Sennheiser. The SuperSlot protocol supports up to four channels of wireless audio per slot, which means the SL-2 will support up to 8 wireless channels with only 2 receiver slots.

Without extra cables, the top panel expansion port will provide data transfer of analog or digital audio signal as well as DC power and control signal between any 8-Series mixer-recorder and SL-2 wireless module. You can control your wireless channels from your 8-Series mixer-recorder directly. The Sound Devices SL-2 also offers antenna distribution and RF-Filter to the slot-in receivers, which can improve the RF performance. Additional to the 8 wireless audio channels, there are four AES3 Digital inputs through two TA3 connectors and two 4-pin Hirose DC connectors equipped on the rear panel for additional wireless receivers or any other AES3 digital audio sources.

Sound Devices SL-2 Wireless Module. Image credit: Sound Devices

Features of the Sound Devices SL-2 Wireless Module

The Sound Devices SL-2 Wireless Module will provide the following features according to Sound Devices:

  • Accepts two UniSlot or SuperSlot wireless receivers from Audio Ltd, Lectrosonics, Sennheiser, and Wisycom.
  • 2 Slots support up to 8 wireless audio channels.
  • Built-in antenna distribution with antenna powering for active antennas or boosters.
  • Supports remote control of third party smart antennas.
  • Two auxiliary MCX antenna ports for connecting other receivers or RF distribution.
  • Two TA3 AES3 inputs for an additional 4 channels of digital audio.
  • Two DC Outputs via Hirose 4-pin connectors, each supplying up to 500 mA.
  • Powers via an 8-Series mixer-recorder.
  • Accepts either analog or digital audio from slot-in receivers.
  • Ability to set and monitor multiple functions of a SuperSlot-compatible receiver from the 8-Series mixer-recorder.
  • RF Scan with a visual representation of the RF spectrum.
  • Monitor transmitter battery, receiver audio, and RF levels.

SuperSlot Open Standard supported wireless receivers (list provided by Sound Devices):

  • Audio Ltd A10-RX
  • Lectrosonics SRb (with audio board update from Lectrosonics)
  • Lectrosonics SRc
  • Lectrosonics SRc-941
  • Lectrosonics SRb5P and SRc5P (Slot A only)
  • Sennheiser EK-6042
  • Sony DWR-S03D (in future firmware update)
  • Wisycom MCR42 (with SLK42-IKSS rear panel adapter from Wisycom)
  • Wisycom MCR54 (in future firmware update)

Sound Devices SL-2 Wireless Module. Image credit: Sound Devices

Firmware Update Version 6.00 for 8-Series Mixer-Recorder

With the release of Sound Devices SL-2 Module, Sound Devices also announced the new Firmware Update Version 6.00 for the 8-Series mixer-recorder. This will provide support for the new SL-2 Wireless Module, and some more features announced according to Sound Devices:


  • Support for the Sound Devices SL-2 Dual SuperSlot Wireless Module.
  • SuperSlot Receiver set-up screens for Audio Ltd A10-RX now display the following information for the paired A10-TX:
    • High-Pass Filter
    • Record
    • Limiter
    • Input Mute
    • RF Overload
  • RF History display in SL-2 and SL-6 SuperSlot Receiver Setup screens. Shows RF History with user-selectable duration from 30 to 600 seconds in increments of 10 seconds.
  • Files can now be selected for playback from the File List.


  • Faster boot times for the XL-AES.
  • Scorpio and 888 now honor Dante Device Sync to External from Dante Controller.
  • Post-fade EQ can now be applied to channels assigned to an instance of NoiseAssist.
  • Headphone gain can now be adjusted while in File Transfer mode.
  • CL-12 and CL-16 SuperSlot button now navigates to the SuperSlot Overview screen.


  • User button functions with long names are now displayed correctly within the buttons on the CL-16 screen.
  • Shortcut for numeric scene name increment no longer removes zero place holders.
  • CL-16 no longer treats buses L and R as a linked pair when they are unlinked in the menus.

You can download the new firmware update from Sound Devices right here.

Sound Devices 8-Series (Credits: Sound Devices)

Sound Devices 8-Series (Credits: Sound Devices)

Are you Sound Devices 8-Series User? What do you think about the SL-2 Wireless Module? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 



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