The Steadicam M-2 Offers Modularity and Integrated Volt Technology

The Steadicam M-2 Offers Modularity and Integrated Volt Technology

The Steadicam M-2 is the most configurable, modular Steadicam to date with integrated Volt technology and competitive price.

The Steadicam M-2 is a light weight sled for operators that don’t require the full load capacity of the M-1. The headline feature of the new Steadicam M-2 design is the integration of the Steadicam Volt technology into the top stage. However, this isn’t the only improvement that has been made.

The M-2 doesn’t replace the M-1 but rather supplements it, creating a Steadicam M range. Although it is light weight, the Steadicam M-2 sled retains many of the features of the M-1. Furthermore, many of the M-2 components are interchangeable for existing M-1 owners.

Integrated Steadicam Volt Technology

Steadicam Volt technology uses gyro sensors and powerful brushless motors to apply torque to the gimbal. This can assist the operator to maintain a perfectly level horizon, as well as hold any required tilt or roll angle. It also helps to counteract the effects of wind, acceleration and natural body movement. The volt can be engaged or disengaged by the press of a button.

By integrating the Volt electronics into the top stage, the Steadicam M-2 design is lighter and simpler than previous generations. It also allows a shorter distance between the top stage and the gimbal. The result, is a sleek, simplified design.

Customizable Steadicam M-2 Sled

The latest Steadicam M-2 is the most configurable and customizable modular steadicam to date, building on the highly configurable sled of the M-1. The carbon fibre posts are available in multiple sizes, and a new quick release monitor mount uses an industry standard 60mm rod spacing.

The sled can be configured with a V-Mount or Gold Mount battery plate. In addition, there is a hot swappable third battery mount option. A standard and tilt top stage is available in versions with and without the Volt system built in.

Steadicam M-2 Features

The main features of the Steadicam M-2 are:


  • New stage design optimised for minimum height profile. This allows the gimbal to be set as close as possible to the lens centre.
  • Available as either tilting or fixed stage (tilt is both positive and negative).
  • Stage may incorporate the Steadicam Volt control board.
  • Lightweight.
  • Multiple video inputs and power outlets including P-tap.


  • Carbon fibre two stage post.
  • Integrated electronic connection for plug and play.


  • Integrated Volt pan encoder.

Monitor Mount

  • Versatile, very adjustable monitor position.
  • Light weight using 60mm centres.
  • Universal Monitor mount.


  • Lightweight.
  • Multiple power and video connections.
  • Dual battery holder for 12 volt parallel and 24 volt series.
  • Hotswap facility.
  • Support bars based on 60mm centres.
  • Multiple options for mounting accessories.

For more information head over to the Steadicam M-2 web page.

Are you an existing Steadicam operator? What do you think of the new Steadicam M-2? Let us know in the comments below.


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