DigitalFoto THANOS-PROCINE Steadicam System for Cinema Cameras – First Look

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During IBC 2023, we stopped by the DigitalFoto booth to talk with Todd about their first Steadicam system for cinema cameras: the THANOS-PROCINE. This support system consists of a sled and a vest, it has a maximum payload capacity of 35kg/77.1 lbs, and it features two 3G-SDI pass-through ports as well as multiple LEMO power ports. So, let’s take a closer look at this heavy-duty Steadicam system!

Chinese manufacturer DigitalFoto is well-known for its affordable gimbal support systems, such as the THANOS-SE for lightweight camera setups or the THANOS-PROX for heavier rigs up to 18kg/39.7 lbs. Even though the company specializes in camera support systems, they also have a wide range of camera accessories and LED lights.

DigitalFoto is back with a more traditional Steadicam system with interesting features and a hard-to-beat price/feature ratio: the THANOS-PROCINE.

The DigitalFoto THANOS-PROCINE support system
The DigitalFoto THANOS-PROCINE support system. Image credit: CineD

DigitalFoto THANOS-PROCINE – features

The DigitalFoto THANOS-PROCINE is a fully-featured heavy-duty Steadicam support system that can take payloads from 5kg/11 lbs up to 35kg/77.1 lbs. This system is fairly “traditional” and consists of a vest, a spring-loaded double-arm, and a sled.

The vest has multiple adjustment points
The vest has multiple adjustment points. Image credit: CineD

The vest is designed to fit most camera operators with a maximum chest circumference of 123cm/48.42in and a waist circumference of 130cm/51.18in. The vest weighs 5kg/11 lbs.

The arm connects to the vest via a quick-release mechanism so you can quickly remove or attach it. The tension of the springs inside the arm can be adjusted with the included Allen wrench. Similarly to the vest, the arm also weighs 5kg/11 lbs.

The top part of the THANOS-PROCINE sled
The top section of the THANOS-PROCINE sled. Image credit: CineD

The sled pole is made of carbon fiber and has two sections, allowing you to extend its length from 66.5cm/26.18in to 110cm/43.30in. Even though it’s composed mostly of carbon fiber, the sled still weighs 7kg/15.43 lbs.

At the top of the THANOS-PROCINE sled, you’ll find a quick-release plate that can be adjusted right/left and back/front via two fine-tuning knobs. Below the quick-release plate, you’ll find two 3G-SDI pass-through ports and multiple power output ports, including a 16V 2-pin LEMO, a 16V 4-pin LEMO, and a 16V/24V 7-pin LEMO port.

The bottom of the DigitalFoto THANOS-PROCINE sled
The bottom of the DigitalFoto THANOS-PROCINE sled. Image credit: CineD

At the bottom of the sled, you’ll find two V-Mount battery plates: one for a 16V battery and the other for a 24V battery. Each battery plate has two D-Tap output ports. The THANOS-PROCINE also comes with an adjustable monitor mount and a set of counterweights.

The power input/output ports of the DigitalFoto THANOS-PROCINE sled
The power input/output ports of the DigitalFoto THANOS-PROCINE sled. Image credit: CineD

At the very bottom of the sled, you’ll find a power button and the pass-through power/signal ports, which includes two 3G-SDI ports, a 16V 2-pin LEMO, 16V 4-pin LEMO, 16/24V 3-pin LEMO, and 16/24V 7-pin LEMO port output port. All the ports are powered directly via the V-Mount battery plates.

The DigitalFoto THANOS-PROCINE. Image credit: CineD

Price and availability

The DigitalFoto THANOS-PROCINE is available to pre-order now for $4,900 and should start shipping in November 2023. In the box, you’ll find the support vest, the dual arm, the sled, a set of counterweights, a docking station, various screws and tools, two D-Tap to Lemo 3-pin power cables (12V and 24V), and an aluminum transport case.

For more information, please visit DigitalFoto’s website here.

What do you think about the THANOS-PROCINE? Do you often shoot with a Steadicam system or mainly use gimbals? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!


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