SYNCO G3 Pro Wireless System Announced – First Look

SYNCO is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in audio equipment. The company is a sister company of COLBOR, which manufactures affordable yet capable production lights. SYNCO’s latest edition is the G3 Pro wireless system aimed to cater to content creators using DSLR/Mirrorless cameras next to mobile devices. At CP+ we had the chance to chat with them about this new device and take a close look ourselves.

Not a month goes by when we don’t see a new wireless recording device appearing on the market. Companies try to compete against established brands like RØDE or DJI by offering different features or selling their units at a competitive price. The G3 Pro wireless system is a more affordable version of the existing G3, and like its more expensive sibling, it has a touch LCD screen next to an adjustable noise reduction function as a main selling point. 

SYNCO G3 Pro. Credit: CineD

First impressions

The SYNCO G3 Pro is a 2.4 GHz three-channel wireless mic with a touchscreen for a user-friendly experience. It has a receiver and two transmitters attached to the sides for a compact setup. As the transmitters can receive power from the receiver, there is no need for an extra charging case. The receiver has a small microphone inside, which should be helpful in different scenarios, like recording the director’s voice or the operator behind the camera. 

Director’s mic on the new G3 Pro receiver. Credit: CineD

The SYNCO G3 Pro’s interface can also support devices like a camera or a computer. The unit features an option for three levels of noise cancellation that the user can choose to fit the environment they are recording. 

Regarding battery life and connectivity, the SYNCO G3 Pro includes a USB-C port and can be charged with power banks, for example. The battery lasts around eight hours, and with a double charge circle, around 24 hours of recording time can be obtained.

For now, the SYNCO G3 Pro does not offer a backup recording option, so we must wait for the final release to see if that option is included. 

3 levels of noise reduction. Credit: CineD

Price and availability 

The SYNCO G3 Pro will be available in April, and its retail price will be $149. 

What do you think about the SYNCO G3 Pro? Do you think its features can compete in an already saturated market? Let us know in the comments below!

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