Thypoch Introduces Simera 28mm & 35mm F1.4 Lenses – A New Lens Brand Is Born

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Thypoch Introduces Simera 28mm & 35mm F1.4 Lenses - A New Lens Brand Is Born

Thypoch (from ‘Thy’ and ‘epoch’) is a new Chinese lens manufacturer specializing in M-Mount lenses for Leica cameras. They introduced themselves to the world at Photopia Hamburg 2023 by releasing two prime lenses, the Simera 28mm f1.4 and the Simera 35mm f1.4. What does Thypoch offer with these new lenses? Let’s take a closer look!

In recent years, many new brands have introduced their lenses as an alternative to the big players’ catalogs, giving photographers and filmmakers more options to expand their arsenal. Manufacturers like Sirui, Zhongyi, or Viltrox offer more affordable alternatives for those on a budget or willing to try different visual paths. Now it’s Thypoch’s turn, targeting their lenses to photographers who use M-Mount cameras.

Thypoch’s website and social media posts show an artistic flavor that seems to target their lenses to a specific kind of photographer. Although their trailer videos talk more about philosophical and ethereal concepts than about their lenses, they mention some characteristics of the Simera, and the images look promising. Let’s dive a bit more into these.

Vintage character with modern features

The Thypoch Simera are manual focus lenses with a vintage feel that matches the rangefinder cameras’ aesthetics. They are available in two colors (classic black and silver), and the exterior is aluminum alloy. Each lens features an anodized square lens hood with a threaded interior to preserve sharpness in direct light.

The Simera silver edition – Source: Thypoch

The Simera 28mm and 35mm lenses feature an aperture of f1.4 and a 14-blade diaphragm. We can click and de-click the aperture for a more precise adjustment. In a full-frame environment at f1.4, these lenses produce images with a shallow depth of field and bokeh. The fast aperture will also benefit shooting at night and in low-light conditions.

The lenses also feature three high refractive index (HRI) lens elements and one aspherical lens designed to correct field curvature and spherical aberrations. Their minimal focus distance is 0.45m, and from 0.7m, the focus rings present a tactile resistance that alerts the photographer to switch from rangefinder focus to the EVF for better focus accuracy.

Simera’s technical specs – Source: Thypoch

Target, price, and availability

Relatively affordable and compact, the Thypoch Simera lenses aim at street photographers and shooters with a compact setup in general. Their look, manual focus, and specs make them perfect for shooters looking for control, a specific aesthetic, and a different photographic experience in general.

Both Thypoch Simera lenses are priced at $699; you can find your dealer here. Besides that, you can follow them on their Instagram account to stay informed of their updates.

What do you think about these lenses? Do you use manual lenses like these for street photography? Let us know your thoughts below!

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